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More transfer rumours; Santi Cazorla, Ibrahim Afellay, Ganso

by on July 23, 2012

In recent weeks, as the transfer window (slowly) picks up pace, more and more ridiculous rumours have been coming out. So, let’s evaluate a few of these rumours, shall we?

First, Santi Cazorla has been talked up as a potential Arsenal man. Why has he been talked up as a man for Arsenal? As a replacement for either Andrei Arshavin or Theo Walcott, no less.

If you’ve been watching La Liga for the past few years, you’d have noticed that Cazorla is the star man for Malaga and has been a big player in La Liga for quite a while – most notably for Villarreal. He can play on both wings or through the middle and is known for his outstanding pace. But he’s more than just a fast winger. Cazorla is a gifted man with great vision and anticipation for the next pass to make. He’s got great dribbling skills, and he’s very good at passing. There’s no doubting his talent.

And at 27, Cazorla is experienced. His strength and balance on the ball is incredible too. I’m a huge fan of this player and his talents.

According to the rumours, Cazorla has fallen out with his club Malaga over unpaid wages and we could be able to swoop for him for as little as £18 million. But are we likely to pay that amount of money, I don’t know. We’ll have to wait and see if either Arshavin or Walcott leave before our hand is forced.

Ibrahim Afellay has been a rumour circulating for a while now. Probably started because of van Persie’s contract fiasco and this Afellay move was seen as a ploy to get van Persie to stay and play with his national team mate.

Afellay is an attacking midfielder that can play as a winger and has played in central midfield in the past as well. But, the real attraction towards Afellay is how good he is on and off the ball. He’s got a great touch and very good dribbling skills, not to mention, great movement to go with it. He also has the tendency to score goals from his position.

The biggest flaw with Afellay is the amount of injuries he picks up. The last injury he had sidelined him for seven months in a key period when Barcelona needed a winger. Most of the other injuries he picked up were fairly minor but he is injury prone.

At 26, Afellay has a key decision to make: either stay and fight for his place at Barcelona or move on. And at the moment, Afellay seems to be surplus to requirements at Barcelona and may not get many starting opportunities under new manager Tito Vilanova. But regardless of his decision, this is a player in demand because of the way he can change the tempo of games and become so dangerous so quickly in the midfield. According to reports, Afellay could be bought for as much as £8 million.

Ganso is the youngest of the three on cover here. He plays as an attacking midfielder and is known for the vision and creativity at his disposal. Ganso has long been noted as a man with potential and enough to make it big in Europe so inevitably he’s been linked with nearly every big European club going.

As an attacking midfielder, there are few of them going that are as good as Ganso. And the one I’m thinking of is being talked of going to Manchester United for £32 million: Lucas. But Ganso is remarkably good at his age and his passing, awareness, vision, and creativity are absolutely world class. Basically, I think he has the technical qualities needed to make it big in Europe.

But on the bad side, Ganso lacks pace. He’s not the fastest boy you’ll see at 22 and he’s injury prone. And at the young, tender age of 22, it’s always a risk to bring such a player from Brazil to Europe so quickly. There’s a lot to think about with him. But, as if to add a final nail in the coffin, I’ve heard he’s said he is going to stay at Santos but you never know with the media. And at £15-18 million as a price being discussed, he sounds very expensive.

To conclude, I believe that all three players would fit the Arsenal mould very easily if they can settle into the English style of play. They’re all very good at passing, they all have good movement, and they all have the technical skills needed to play at the top level with Arsenal. At once, perhaps Afellay sounds like a very good deal at £8 million but all three have their pro’s and con’s if they were to come here.

Again, thanks for reading my article, enjoy your Monday evening wherever you are and just a reminder that you can follow me on twitter @reece_sim. 

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    Cazola will be ok

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