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Robin van Persie apparently not travelling with the team to Asia

by on July 20, 2012

It’s a gloomy afternoon in Britain. The rain is pouring down, the sky is grey, and I can just about say no-one is happy. This, allegedly includes van Persie as we all know. And today, on the gloomiest of days, news was revealed by the BBC that van Persie will remain in England whilst the rest of the squad travels to Asia.

Now, if you’re to believe the BBC – and quite often, they are believable – Robin van Persie will instead work on his fitness back at Colney – our training base. Of course, as with any other news associated with Arsenal, this has split the fan base in two. There are people who believe this is the right way forward, and there are those who think this is the wrong thing to do.

On the people who believe it is the right thing to do, they believe that this means the whole saga stays away from the footballing side of things in the meantime and potentially, we could see Robin’s transfer made quickly and effectively behind the scenes.

On the people who believe it is the wrong thing to do, they believe that this means it proves any player can call the shots over Arsenal. That any player can basically shout the odds and get what they want.

Which side am I on? I think leaving him here was the right thing to do. It’s best not to let this drag on. I’m guessing that what’s going on behind the scenes, is Arsenal are negotiating the sale of Robin. And that’s the right thing to do. We don’t want what happened last year with Cesc and Nasri to happen again, we want a sale to be made quickly and for our club to move on.

According to rumours, Arsenal also dismissed three offers from Manchester United, Manchester City, and Juventus respectively. So, something is certainly going on behind the scenes, it looks like a sale is imminent.

However, if a sale is not going to happen, this is obviously the wrong thing to do. If Robin is going to put in 100% when playing for the club, they should take him to Asia and allow him to play.

But, in general, I think we’ve learnt lessons. I’m sure a sale agreement will be reached and I’m sure Robin won’t be playing for our club next season. But let’s see what happens in the next month and a half.

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  1. Diesel permalink

    It never rains,but it pours

    • reecesim permalink

      There have been points in the last few seasons where I’ve thought that.

  2. tuncasjo permalink

    If rvp want to leave,let him leave but wenger should buy at least one experienced midfielder,finisher and defender.wenger shd stop deceiving us now dt d team can win premiership league when d season has not started and if d season begin,he wil be blaming referes.he shd buy good prayers now

    • reecesim permalink

      Are Podolski and Giroud not good players? I think they are, and we bought them.

  3. Prince Jay permalink

    Mr wenger should realize the fact that RVP has every right to decide where his future lys. What l believe we need now a new good right back to back up sagna and experience mid-fielder.

    • reecesim permalink

      I think Carl Jenkinson works hard and is quite versatile. He’s an adequate back up for Sagna, who is, in my mind, the best right back in the Premier League.
      Many people say we need an experienced midfielder, we’ll see what happens. But we either get an attacking midfielder or a defensive one. Can’t see us getting both.

  4. My aims to beg rvp not let him go anywhere

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