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Robin van Perfect? Hardly.

by on July 5, 2012

Where does one start? It’s all getting a bit repetitive really. Why not just read my blog post from when Cesc left? Well, the first two paragraphs anyway. It’s all just a bit deja vu. I know a lot of people will go into “the board are responsible for this” and “media bans were because of this” but frankly, I don’t care what went on behind the scenes.

It’s not the fact that Robin van Persie isn’t renewing that sticks in the back of the throat, being honest we kind of guessed that would happen given that he’d gone this long without signing. What sticks in the back of the throat is that we all thought he was different. Pictures of him wearing the shirt as a kid. Countless quotes and articles which you can find floating around twitter about how he wants to win trophies with the club and won’t move for money. That’s where it hurts. You thought maybe he’d be one of those footballing diamonds. Someone who would stay at the club no matter what, like Ale Del Piero at Juve. It wasn’t to be though.

And there’s the thing. All those quotes and articles mean nothing now, given how disrespectful his statement was. Eight years he’s spent building bridges with the club and the fans. Those bridges were burnt in a few minutes. It’s bad enough that he released a statement without the club’s knowledge, but the wording of the statement is what really gets me. It’s not like Wayne Rooney just vying for a pay rise earlier this year, it does sound as if van Persie just wants out. Given the comments from Hill-Wood and Wenger in recent days, he felt he had to make a statement of his own. For a player we think of as so classy though, it was pretty classless. Saying Ivan Gazidis is on holiday when by all accounts he doesn’t even take holidays.

As for the “club is not moving forwards in the right way”, it reeks of a smoke screen to me. We made him our most important player. We’re buying players so that we don’t rely on him. We’re trying to shift the “deadwood”. Isn’t that forwards? I don’t think it’s backwards anyway. I won’t get into the “should we keep him or sell him” argument, because I’m not thinking clearly enough to be logical about it.

The question for me is “Where does this leave Theo Walcott?” and possibly “Where does this leave Alex Song?” next summer.

The ball now is very much in the court of Arsene Wenger and Ivan Gazidis. Who do they buy next? Do they sell Robin van Persie? Surely his position at the club in untenable now? This saga might not have ended yet, but at least we’ve got the whole summer to fix this one, unlike last year. Having a squad that’s played together during pre-season and knows each other well could be the difference between a good start and a start like last year’s. What are your thoughts on the matter? Should we sell him? Feel free to comment and share.

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  1. para permalink

    In the end, if he wants to go, he will go, but i can see that AFC are trying to prepare for both posibilities.
    Anyway loyalty comes after money, it would be stupid to think otherwise, no more rose colored glasses please, even the children dont wear them anymore.

  2. Space Cadet permalink

    Firstly I always thought robin was a pussy name anyway, just wouldn’t say it before, secondly he has never been classy off or on the pitch. I’m not saying he hasn’t got great technique, but that is different from class. Where I think Wenger went wrong is he should put our worst players as captains, then when they left we’d all be laughing. Who I feel sorry for is the kids with a new shirt and his name on their backs, and the parents who paid good money. I say sell him now, if not when he goes we will have just loaned him from his new club for circa 20M. simples

    • My brother is called Robin! I meant more classy to watch than a classy character really.

      • Space Cadet permalink

        I was just being childish about the name, and about the captains, but like giggs, rooney, cole, terry to name a few, being a classy player doesn’t make you a classy man.

        • Yeah, I see your point I guess. It’s just that with all the “I want to win trophies with the club. I’ve been here since I was a child.” etc. he seemed different.

  3. harriot permalink

    great decision for robin.CHEERS! should join to MANCHESTER CITY.

  4. Thank u 4 ur article.i was shock to hear d news after seven years trophless rvp should go, but even if the sell him would the replace him?arsenal should let him go after all enrol come nd go that is ur memory without bester replacement we would suffer.

  5. mystic permalink

    Who would replace him? Well hopefully a striker that could manage to start a few more games.People are looking at him as a star based on last season (I maintained at work during his injuries that one day he would come through), but the reality is he has done more for Arsenal in 1 season than in all the preceding years.

    Just for the record I was also maintaining during the euros that maybe he hadn’t signed a contract as one was not offered, he actually said in his statement that one was not discussed.

    It is crap to say afteragreeing to buy 2 players BEFORE the window had offically even opened, that there is no ambition, particularly if the initial intention was to line him up with them. What bollocks he has said in his statement and I’m very very sad that he choose to take this route – I certainly don’t feel respected by him.

    Either RvP has got something lined up, or his PR guys have spectacularly misread what the reaction was going to be. Let him rot in the reserves.

    • Spot on about the statement. Trying to make everything look like the club’s fault, hoping fans would side with him over club. Got that very wrong.

  6. wadadli gunner permalink

    Guys lets not be bitter about this. Other great players have left, Henry, Bergkamp, Viera, Fab4 but we have ALWAYS survived….. Champion League every year. If he wants to go, just let him go. Sell him get some money and buy a replacement.

    We can’t hang around RVP, missing him, like our last girlfriend, we have work to do. We have 4 trophies to contend for next season and we must be focus.

    Has any of those so called experts and pundits thought about the fact that RVP may have his ankle stepped on in the first game of the season……. and where would that have left us. Food for thought.

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