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Bendtner’s pants rumble on, Squillaci is quite expensive, Reece joins the team and Giroud is done! ish.

by on June 19, 2012

The rumblings of Nicklas Bendtner’s pants eh? No, not like that you immature children. Where to start? UEFA fined Nicklas Bendtner 100,000 euros for showing his paddy power boxers. On it’s own you can understand that. Sponsors pay a lot of money to advertise their product, so flagrantly advertising a non authorised product has to be clamped down upon. That makes sense. I don’t need to make the obvious comparison to the racism fines because everyone is doing that anyway! The fact that UEFA find unauthorised advertising or turning up to kick-off sixty seconds late is deserving of much heavier fines than racism is a tad silly though, really.

Paddy Power were incensed on twitter. They said they would appeal and that if it wasn’t over-turned they would pay Bendtner’s fine. This has turned out well for them. They’re looking like the good guys, especially if they pay Bendtner’s fine and they’ve got a lot of exposure from the fall-out of Bendtner’s celebration. UEFA have been left looking like the bad guys, but then they’re the bad guys anyway aren’t they? I’m not sure what that makes Nicklas Bendtner? The ugly guy? There’s one to ponder over as the rumblings from Nicklas Bendtner’s pants and their controversial text will surely carry on.

Moving on, Theo Walcott is fit! No, not like that. Well. A bit maybe. He’s not seriously injured though and could well start ahead of James Milner for England tonight? Is that what we want? Will he be able to have the same impact starting as he has off the bench? I’m not sure, but I’ll still be watching. For France, perennial Arsenal target Yann M’Vila is set to start as well, in place of Diarra. A good chance to watch him no doubt.

It looks like Sebastian Squillaci may not be off to Bastia after all. He’s held talks with Arsenal to mutually terminate his contract so that he can move on for free, but Bastia can’t afford his wages according to RMC. Brest and Evian are both rumoured to be interested but we’ll have to see whether either of them can afford his wages. It’s a funny one, I’ve never really thought Squillaci was that bad. I would say he’s definitely not suited to us though. Players with a lack of pace struggle in a high line, unless they have a superb reading of the game like per Mertesacker. Unfortunately, Squillaci wasn’t quite as skilled. Neither was he technically proficient, passing certainly wasn’t one of his strong points. Let’s hope he can find someone who can match his wages and we can get his £50,000 p/w off our wage bill.

Righto then, Olivier Giroud is done. No, this time it really is done. Honest. As we’ve all known for some time now, he’s probably on his way to the Emirates. Several French media outlets are now reporting the deal, after it was initially reported by the reputable France Football yesterday. It seems like it’s a £12.8m move, with Giroud getting £45k per week on a 4-year deal. So that’s the youngest European ever to reach 100 caps and last season’s top goalscorer from Ligue 1 signed before the transfer window has even opened. Oh how I wish we would sign experienced players. You can find all the details here.

Two other bits and pieces then. Firstly, a great piece on an Arsenal great by Tim Stillman. A look at Bob Wilson. Definitely worth a read if you’re looking to brush up on your history of The Arsenal. Also, I promised you a columnist and he’s arrived! Reece has kicked things off here. You’ll find him posting his opinions every Monday!

Right. That’s it for today. As always you can find me on twitter @SavageGooner and the blog is on facebook as well. Laters all.


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  1. wadadli gunner permalink

    SG, people say that coming from the league that he came from and the wages he used to get that Squillaci should take what ever modest salary that any club interested, is willing to give him. But they should realize that he is close to the end of his career and that money is the order of the day now…. I hope he finds a club, that an extra 50K week or so that we can have back on our books to play a more productive player or add to the transfer kitty.

  2. Steve of Chiang Mai permalink

    youngest centarian. … don’t mean Podlolski by any chance.

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