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Bendtner’s boxers, Theo’s tricks and other odds and ends in the transfer market

by on June 16, 2012

Did you see that alliteration. Impressive, no? Right let’s get cracking.

Theo Walcott was on the bench for England last night, with James Milner preferred to him. Yes, I know. Anyway, Milner was rubbish and Theo was great. He came on and scored from the edge of the area with a shot that can only be described as “wicked” [and arguably deflected]. There were a few times when he could have been put through, but a collection of Liverpool players refused to play him in. After some good work on the right he crossed the ball for Danny Welbeck to score the winner with a kind of back-heeled finish. Oxlade-Chamberlain came on as well and was almost set up by Walcott for a goal, but Steven Gerrard decided to steal the chance and just miscue it. Nevertheless, Theo surely showed why he should start ahead of James Milner, although I thought that was obvious already. Anyway, it’s good to see Theo doing well, because not all of the Gunners at the Euros have been doing so well.

Ironically, those doing the best are those who are probably leaving the club. Performing in the shop window maybe? Andrei Arshavin has been a creative hub for Russia and Nicklas Bendtner has been scoring for Denmark. The big Dane is in trouble though [as always], after his “lucky boxers” were shown when he celebrated. They showed two words, which have landed him in hot water. Those two words? Paddy Power. I know it’s silly really. I can understand the problem. If McDonald’s pay x amount of millions to get their brand shown to the millions who watch the Euros, it’s a bit unfair that Paddy Power then gets “advertised” for free. Saying that though, it’s slightly disconcerting that UEFA takes a few days just to investigate claims of racism, but is quick to look into Nicklas Bendtner’s pants. I guess that’s what we’ve come to expect from them though.

Speaking of Nicklas Bendtner, could he be off to Swansea? Michael Laudrup has shown interest in him when at other clubs, so it could be worth watching that one. Abou Diaby has been linked with a move to Fenerbahce, although that could just be agent talk. Johan Djourou has apparently been offered around Italy, with Napoli rumoured to be interested in him. I’ve said before that I think he would do well there. He was good for us before he dislocated his shoulder at Old Trafford and could do well it Serie A, a league where there’s usually a bit more time for defenders.

In other news, Pedro Bothelho will apparently stay in Spain this summer after spending 837 seasons on loan there while waiting for a work permit. Oliver Giroud came off the bench for France yesterday and the general consensus is that he’s more or less ours. Yann M’Vila came off the bench as well and the general consensus is that he’s not ours, although he quite possibly will be. Which is nice.

That’s more or less it news-wise. As always I’m on twitter @SavageGooner and on facebook somewhere as well. Laters.


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  1. wadadli gunner permalink

    Nice post SG. I agree with everything but TW14 needs to do better playing for us. If you notice just before he crossed the ball he looked up, he doesn’t do that for us. He can be such a dangerous player if he just instill some disciplin into his game. PS. I’ll be using this screen name instead of alex in your “I’m. alive post”

    • Thanks buddy. Agreed on Theo, although I think it’s a lot easier for him to make an impact off the bench than it is when starting. I also think that with us, he knows where van Persie likes to make his runs so he doesn’t always feel the need to look up because they have that understanding, as shown by the number of times he’s assisted van Persie.

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