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I’m alive!

by on June 13, 2012

As put by one much more eloquent than myself, I’m alive! Which is always quite nice to know Being alive is quite under-rated in my opinion. Anyway, I’m back! I wrote a few pieces over at An Arsenal Story for George or Joe or whatever his name is.

Anyway, I’m back here now and I’ve got a mega-series lined up for you this summer. More on that in the coming days. Just a quick round-up at the moment and it seems as though a deal for Oliver Giroud is nearing fruition thanks to a conveniently placed minimum fee release clause. He could be ours for around 12m euros. Add him to Lukasz Podolski and you’ve much improved attacking options for next season. Saying that though, the deal isn’t done YET. It’s all a bit Juan Mata at the moment so while we can be optimistic of positive news in the next few day, I wouldn’t get Giroud printed on my new shirt just yet. Indeed, it may be that the deal isn’t announced until the Euros are over. What we do know though, is that he’s good in the air and looks to take on shots when he’s on the ball as well as being fairly mobile. If this deal goes through for 12m euros, it may just be a steal.

There’s been talk of M’Vila for a lot of the summer as well and the opinion of those more reputable than myself seems to be that we’re in with a shout, with Inter Milan being the only other main suitors. IF [and  I stress the IF in this sentence] M’Vila signs as well, that is a cracking team. By all accounts, the club are looking at moving on some players with Johan Djourou apparently being looked at by clubs in Italy and Abou Diaby maybe moving on as well.

I’m sure I’ll speak about those in more detail during the summer, but from where I’m sitting we could well be in for a good summer for a change.  Heh. Gazidis out eh?

Anyway, that’s it for today. I’m sure you all missed my blogging so I expect a big party to celebrate my return. Glad that’s sorted.

Anyway, you can follow me on twitter @SavageGooner and I’m likeable on facebook as well if you search for me. I’m not likeable in real life though. Probably. Anyway, that’s it for today. Glad to be back. Slightly.


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  1. Alex permalink

    Well it’s nice to have you back. When you posted that the day was your last, it was a dark day for bloggers. Anarsenalstory was killing me with the lack of post.

    ps. try an be a bit more cosistent with your posts this time around, I can’t be subjected to LeGrove everyday.
    The negativity is over bearing at times. Your positivity neutralizez LG’s negativety.

    • Thanks a lot buddy.
      I’ll certainly try, we had five or six bloggers last time and it was just getting too much to manage. There’ll maybe be one or two at most this time.

  2. Peter permalink

    Given a choice, I’d rather we signed a good centre back than M’Vila. I don’t think we need him as Coquelin will be better. And as sure as eggs are eggs, within a month, M’Vila will forget all about holding and will be as much in attack as Song is now. None of our players sit because Wenger doesn’t enforce anything, he lets them ‘express themselves.’

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