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This is the end, my friend.

by on March 14, 2012

Well this is it. If you didn’t see me saying earlier on twitter then this will be the last post on the site.For a while anyway.

I no longer have the time to keep up managing the whole site and blogging on a regular basis as well, so no more. I’m going to back to just being a writer and I’ll be writing for Joey at

When I started the site in the summer, I never would have dreamed that it would reach a quarter of a million views, so thank you to every one of you who has ever read, commented, RTed, shared, tweeted or anything else to do with the blog. I’m much obliged to every single one of you.

Obviously, I have a number of other people who need thanks [the names link to twitter accounts]. Nick’s rants were a big thing when the blog first started and he was a big help. Big thanks to Ali as well for her short-lived column and Cookie who came in at the same time and has been around ever since.

Brendan has probably been the biggest help with his constant availability to write and he pretty much made the site what it is today. Thomas, Jacqueline and Reuben have also been a great help as well. All of them are worth a follow on twitter.

Once again, thanks to everyone single one of you. As always, you can find me on twitter @SavageGooner.


Victoria Concordia Crescit – Victory Comes Through Harmony


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  1. Thiago14 permalink

    We’ll miss you when youre gone,I’ll celebrate the posts.

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