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Gibbs On This Season & AC Milan

by on March 5, 2012

Arsenal full-back Kieran Gibbs says he needs to finish the season of strongly for the Gunners after missing a large part of the season through injury. Gibbs also said he isn’t thinking about England at the moment, at the moment Arsenal is his only priority.

“I have been out for a substantial amount of the season, so I would need to finish strongly and remain injury free,” said Gibbs.

“At the minute, I don’t really think about England because Arsenal have so much to look forward to in the season.

“I would like to finish that strongly and then think about England afterwards.

The English defender also spoke about the defeat to AC Milan last month.

“The whole team was quite hurt by the first leg,” 

“It was a disappointing performance. The pitch was not great, but they had to play on it as well and you have to accept that on the night.”

“You just have to turn up, if you don’t on the night with not the best performance and also no luck, then you have no chance. If you have those two combined, you have no chance of winning. We experienced both of those together and as a result we suffered.”

“But we have shown fantastic mentality to come back in the last couple of games and have created a momentum now and would like to continue that. We have to believe otherwise there is no point in being here. If they can beat us 4-0 then why can’t we do the same?”

“In our last home game, we scored five goals. We have to create a faultless performance and get a good balance between attacking and defending. You don’t accept getting beaten 4-0 in the Champions League and we are looking to restore that pride”

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