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Henry On Coming Back To Arsenal, Changing The Way He Plays & More

by on January 6, 2012

Arsenal’s record top goalscorer Thierry Henry has completed his short-term loan move back to Arsenal today. The striker spoke to ArsenalPlayer about a number of thing which included what it is like coming back to Arsenal and much more.

The Frenchman on rejoining Arsenal.

“It’s kind of unreal because you are talking about a statue and here I am now a few weeks later playing for Arsenal.”

“It wasn’t planned. You can ask the boss, he said it himself – he was thinking about it but he didn’t talk to me and then it happened pretty fast.”

“Arsenal and me has always been a love story, with some bad days. Hopefully people agree with me that there were more good days than bad, but I just love the Club.”

“For me being able to come here and train, being in the dressing room and seeing all the training staff, I have no words to describe it. To wear the jersey one more time, I can only be honoured.”

“People might think I am just saying that, but when I left this Club I cried and I cried for the statue. I haven’t cried a lot in my career, but when I do it seems that something is happening with Arsenal.”

“In my time here I always tried to be honest, and I think the fans can see that. When I am happy, I am happy and when I am not they can see it too.”

“They say love is blind, but it is difficult for me to say no to Arsenal.”

Henry on changing the way how he plays the game.

“I am not 25 anymore, I am not going to take the ball from the middle of the park and dribble past five or six players,”

“I remember Dennis [Bergkamp] and he used to be the main front guy. Suddenly he was playing behind the striker and if you have the awareness to see things before other players, you can get away with not having your legs.”

“If you look at Ryan Giggs, it’s not the same Ryan Giggs who used to take the ball from the wing or from Denis Irwin and dribble past everyone and deliver a great cross.”

“But what Ryan Giggs has is that he can see the game, he is always available, he puts himself in a position where he can receive the ball alone – then you will never lose your touch. That’s what I am going to try to bring to this team if I ever have to play.”

Lastly he spoke about not coming back to Arsenal to be the hero.

“I’m not coming back here to be a hero or prove anything, I’m coming here to help,” he told Arsenal Player. “The boss has his squad, Marouane and Gervinho are going away to the Africa Cup of Nations and he asked me if I wanted to fill in the gap.”

“It’s kind of unreal to be honest, it’s all happened so fast. The boss spoke to me before the Wolverhampton game and I had to think about it to be honest.”

“I came to the decision that I was going to come back here to help, it was going to be a loan deal.”

“It was kind of a weird one and it did happen pretty fast but when it comes down to Arsenal it’s pretty hard for me to say no.”

“If you ask anybody if they want to come play again and help the team you love and support, it was difficult for me to say no knowing the part I was going to play.”

“As I said I am not here to be a hero and people do have to understand that. The boss has a team here that are in a good position compared to what happened at the beginning. I’m here to help the boss and the guys that need me.”

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