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Wenger On Nasri & Clichy And Man City Not Being In The Champions League

by on December 17, 2011

In the summer French internationals Samir Nasri and Gaël Clichy both left Arsenal to move to Manchester City. Both players were entering their final years of their contracts and didn’t want to sign new deals. This meant Arsenal were either forced to sell the duo or let them go for nothing the following season in the summer. I doubt Arsène Wenger wanted to lose the duo in the summer but he didn’t have much choice. But Manchester City didn’t qualify for the knockout phase of the Champions League and Arsenal did.

Wenger got asked at his press conference about Nasri and Clichy and the Champions League.

“You should ask Nasri and Clichy if it hurts not to be playing in the Champions League.”

“They are used to playing there so I don’t know how much it will hurt them.”

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  1. Ojekoya Dolapo Williams permalink

    Both of them are hot but they will not be able to express it they thought arsenal can neva be great, shame to them now, they 1e both judas

  2. Chris permalink

    bastards, let’s stuff them on sunday!

  3. Let see man city we have angry them so sanday we will beat then very badly we have rvp song arteta

  4. ken Okwara Eldoret Kenya permalink

    let us focus on our future those two have nothing to offer or proof to the gunners they are not in the league of champions even if they are leading kindly arsenal show them their rightful place with the two second hand players they took from us

  5. Gooner Anthony permalink

    The most greediest Players I have ever seen….cunt

  6. that may b the begening of their delima in football, they are both greedy

  7. Eric permalink

    Clichy and Nasri preffered taking a break from reaching the apex of champions league football at the expence of their pockets being filled with Man City sterling pounds.They then boldly cheated the world that they wanted to move away from Arsenal inorder to win trophies! Shame on them a thousand times!

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