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Gazidis On Wenger, Club Going Foward & Youth

by on December 11, 2011

Arsenal chief executive Ivan Gazidis has said Arsène Wenger will remain at Arsenal for a long time and dismissed reports that this could be the Wenger’s last season at the Emirates. He also reveled that him and Wenger have recently spoke about and start to plan for the Arsenal squad in 2016-17.  I know it’s five years away and seems it’s a very time long away but Arsenal and Wenger must have long-term plans for the club.

Everything Ivan Gazidis has said about Arsène Wenger I agree with and hopefully he will still be in charge of Arsenal in the years to come.

Ivan Gazidis speaking about Wenger.

“Arsene’s only 62 and in great shape and I don’t sense any weakening of his desire. Nobody knows what the future holds but it is entirely possible that he will be with the club for a long time to come.”

“I read that but the conversation I had with him (Wenger) in Athens was talking about squad planning for 2016-17,” 

“I know what he meant by talking about the short term. He wants to be successful and that’s important.

“At the same time he cares about this club so deeply, he’s thinking about things that will only impact the club after he has gone.

He also spoke about how Arsenal have got a ten year plan and it will make the club go forward.

“This is a moment to appreciate where we are going next. ”

“We need to think how we are going to be a top side 10 years from now. It is not a coincidence that the club’s first motto was ‘Forward’ and it’s not a coincidence that on the anniversary crest we’ve used that word.”

Lastly hes poke about Liam Brady, Steve Bould and Jack Wilshere

“We have excellent staff in Liam Brady and Steve Bould. They are very thoughtful about the game, they are full of interesting, original and unusual ideas. Some of the ideas coming out of these discussions are highly original and you won’t find at any other club.”

“Having somebody like Jack Wilshere come through our system is fantastically powerful,”

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