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Tony Adams on how he gave RVP advice, supported Wenger & his statue

by on December 10, 2011

Former Arsenal captain Tony Adams recently had an interview with former Arsenal team-mate Alan Smith for the Telegraph where he spoke about a range of different things about Arsenal. Arsenal unveiled three statues outside the Emirates on Friday and one was of Tony Adams. But the former Arsenal captain couldn’t make it to the unveiling of the statute or the game against Everton in the Prremiership. Some reports claim Adams will be at the Emirates for Arsenal’s match against Queens Park Rangers later this month though.

Adams spoke about the current Arsenal captain Robin Van Persie and how he had texted him a number of times recently. Also mentioned summer signing Per Mertesacker as well.

“I’ve been texting RVP (Robin Van Persie). I think he’s a nice guy and was always captaincy material but, before, he just didn’t have enough support. It was much easier for me in my time. I had six or seven lieutenants around me, people who could also take charge.

“So that was something I said to him – get some players around you to back you up. You can’t do it alone. And to be fair, I think Per [Mertesacker] has been a big help. He’s been a good ally in the dressing room from what I hear. Before, there was conflict but now there seems to be a lot more togetherness.”

I don’t know when Adams gave the advice to the Dutch forward but I’m guessing it was earlier on in the season after the transfer window. Because in recent months we’ve seen players like Thomas Vermaelen, Mikel Arteta, Szczęsny, Per Mertesacker etc become more vocal on the pitch and becoming more leaders in the Arsenal team. You only have to look at the celebrations after the victory over Chelsea earlier on this season. It’s great to see Mr Arsenal (Tony Adams) texting Van Persie and giving him advice, one Arsenal legend to another potential Arsenal legend in the making.

Adams also mentioned how he offered Arsène Wenger support earlier on in the season when Arsenal were going on that bad run. Also Adams said Wenger is the greatest manager in Arsenal’s history.

“I thought it was laughable when Arsene was getting all that stick at the start of this season”,

“Stupidly, he was put under pressure, people were wondering if he was the right man for the job, and I thought that was ridiculous.

“So I offered my support, texting him a few times. Seems daft really. You could argue I’m the one more in need of advice as a young manager toiling away in Azerbaijan, not Arsene, the greatest manager in Arsenal’s history.”

Adams revealed how he already knew about the statue over a year ago, so we now know the statues were planed a while ago.

“It’s been a year or more now since I found out about the statue. I’ve been working with the artist, giving him all my dimensions and that, making sure he increases my chest size by a few inches.

Finally Adams said what the statue means to him and what an honour it is to have one.

“But seriously, I was thrilled to bits when I heard. It’s a massive honour to be recognised this way. I know some people think you should be dead before having a statue cast but, without wishing to get too profound, this commemorates a playing career that died a while back.”

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  1. A fitting tribute to Arsenal legends.But Arsene Wenger is undoubtedly the greatest Arsenal manager,so why no Arsene statue?He deserves it no less than the other three,doesn’t he?

  2. Florencia permalink

    What abt Wenger! he is the greatest manager of all i would luv 2 c his statue at emirate stadium

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