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Arsenal Unveil Statues Of Adams, Henry & Chapman

by on December 9, 2011

To mark Arsenal’s 125th anniversary they unveiled three statues outside the Emirates today. One was former Arsenal manager Herbert Chapman, former Arsenal captain Tony Adams and Arsenal’s record top goalscorer Thierry Henry.  Arsenal’s manager Arsène Wenger, chairman Peter Hill-Wood and chief executive Ivan Gazidis were all their as spectators.

Thierry Henry is currently training with Arsenal to keep his fitness up because it’s the MLS winter break. The former French international was there to watch his statue be unveiled. When Henry was speaking about the statue he said “Once a Gooner, always a Gooner”.

Wenger said this about Chapman – “I think Chapman is the greatest manager in the history of this Club'” and “Chapman had a vision. It is not only a special day for him, but for Arsenal Football Club.”

Wenger said this about Adams – “He is loved by every fan because he was exceptional, the symbol of what makes this club special”

Wenger said this about Henry – ” ‘I know that he loves Arsenal deeply… He deserves this honour… I am proud of his sensational career!”

Tony Adams Statue

Thierry Henry's Statue (Left) & Thierry Henry (Right)

Close Up Of Henry's Statue

Peter Hill-Wood Speaking (Left) And Herbert Champan Statue (Right)

The three statues were a great idea to mark the 125th anniversary of Arsenal Football Club, each statue is a legend of a club. Hopefully these statues will be an ongoing thing hopefully Dennis Bergkamp will get one, some-when in the neat future.

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  1. Anthony permalink

    Great well deserved honor for the three recipients. This is highly emotional I must confess.

    My joy will be completed when i will see Henry and Tony Adams being apointed as staff in Arsenal crew. Surely Henry is going to teach his tricks.

    I will forever remained a gunner for life!!!!!!

  2. pravin permal permalink

    Tears comes out of my eyes wen reading this . . I am gunner since I was 7, still n forever . . If I had a chance I want to meet my lovely idol Thierry Henry once in my lifetime . . He is an idol 4 me , a true ARSENAL LEGEND of all the time . .

  3. umunna daniel permalink

    henry’s rilly a great gooner a icon of arsenal he rilly desrves the honour of havin a statue at the emirates

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