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Arsenal’s Three Statues Are Adams, Chapman & Henry

by on December 7, 2011

To mark Arsenal’s 125th anniversary, they are unveiling three statues outside the Emirates on Friday. According to a number of reports on the internet the three statues will be of former Arsenal captain Tony Adams, former Arsenal manager Herbert Chapman and the clubs record top goal scorer Thierry Henry. These statues could be an ongoing thing with the seasons to come with the likes of Liam Brady, Dennis Bergkamp etc could be the next get them.

Tony Adams “Mr Arsenal”, he was made captain of Arsenal when he was just 21 years old. Helping Arsenal to win four league titles during his time with the North London club.  Simply an Arsenal legend who gave everything to the club.

Thierry Henry is Arsenal’s record top goal scorer with 226 goals for the club. Winning three Premiership title’s with Arsenal and being a key figure in the unbeaten side of 2003/04 season. Henry got voted Arsenal’s greatest player of all time on the Arsenal website.

Herbert Chapman became Arsenal’s manager in 1925 until 1934, he led Arsenal to there first titles in the club’s history.

Expect to see pictures on the Arsenal’s website on Friday of the three statues.

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