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by on November 10, 2011

Well, hello there, very nice to meet all of you. I currently have the pleasure to be writing on savagegooner’s blog for all of you lovely people. I’ll be around every week for some Arsenal related thoughts and ramblings for you guys, well we’ll have to see how this one goes first! Anyway, I’m Ali and I’ve been supporting Arsenal ever since I can remember! I was born and lived for most of my life in North London, before; unfortunately, moving to Scotland (not my decision, I hasten to add). I would obviously love to go to every Arsenal game, week in week out, home and away, but while it’s sadly not possible, I do try my hardest to get to some games!

So that’s a bit about me. Also I’m on Twitter so feel free to follow me if you’d like at @AMMueller

Anyway, we’re obviously in the middle of an international break right now so there’s not much to write about today… I’ve been told I can talk about our season so far, so I guess I’ll just go for that. I hope you enjoy, and hope to see you soon!


It goes without saying that this season didn’t start as well as we would have liked. Now we all know how those results went and about the injuries and suspensions that befell us that contributed to those pretty abysmal first couple of games. Inevitably the media were on our backs, newspapers were slating Wenger and the team, despite the fact many of the players were new arrivals and had yet to settle into the team. I think it was forgotten quite quickly how much we had been through this summer, how much we had to rebuild and the pressure that Wenger felt on the final day of the transfer window. Going into the season with the burden of no more Cesc Fabregas and Samir Nasri to carry, Wenger cut quite a sad and tortured figure on the sidelines.

While of course, it was sad to see us succumb to the pressure and fall at the ‘mighty’ feet of Liverpool and Blackburn etc. the fact that many fans were comparing how the media treated us and Man City/Tottenham wasn’t something I totally agreed with… Obviously it’s annoying to constantly be cut down and slated by journalists and writers and for those two to be praised, but I would much rather that than for us to be treated the same. I reckon it only happens because people expect more from us than they do from them, and rightly so, we are a much bigger club than them, they’re not on our level. The day we get the same treatment as Man City and Spurs from the press will be the day that I know something has gone wrong…

This season has seen one of our worst starts to a Premier League season. At the same time it has seen us climb back up the table, turn a corner, start to gel together, and make a very important transition from the team we’ve had for a few seasons now (mostly) to a very new one this year. It has to be remembered that we pretty much built a new team this summer. But I think we have improved in the final third (not to mention defending) as the season has gone on, and in the cold month of November that we now find ourselves in it is important for us to knuckle down with the fixtures we have, concentrate and get the results we need.

To watch Arteta, Gervinho, Santos and Jenkinson almost fit seamlessly into the side has been great and the occasional sighting of Oxlade-Chamberlain has been rewarding too, can’t believe we found him and nabbed him from the Championship! Big things are predicted for him in the future. It’s obvious we did well with signing all of them.  Santos powers down that left hand side wonderfully, Gervinho gives the team space and adds width and another threat to our game. Arteta prefers in general to go about his work quietly in the depths of midfield, but to deadly effect. I think he really deserved to come to a club like Arsenal and play at the top of the game and in the Champions League. It was obviously a sad situation for Everton this summer, but Arteta is too good to not be playing at a big club and in the big competitions, in my opinion. Jenkinson has also been impressive at the back, giving the centre backs cover when needed. It also makes us all proud as Gooners to see this new crop of players coming through in the likes of Gibbs, Ramsey and Wilshere, who will no doubt be the faces of the future and who are all doing exceptionally well in making their mark, and despite Gibbs and Wilshere being currently injured, they did well last season. It is important to remember just how young these lads are and that they’re all talented and doing Arsenal proud.

Seeing us finally turn that corner recently and pick up a few wins was inspiring to say the least. From the commanding role of Vermaelen and Szczesny at the back to the vital role of Song , the creative one of Gervinho and the finisher in the form of Robin van Persie, the team have all, in my opinion, figured each other out by now and are fitting together really well. I’m excited that Wilshere isn’t even in the team and thinking about how good we’ll be with the return of him, Gibbs, Diaby etc. is a fantastic prospect. But the confidence the team has gained from those few wins is amazing, and it’s great to see what a couple of 3 points can do for your self-confidence, as we have proved. However just as it was wrong for people to write us off in October, it’s also stupid to get carried away in November. We still have a long way to go and a lot of results to pull off to get where we want to be – in the top 4. Working hard, as a team and for each other is essential, but the team we have is capable and there’s absolutely no reason for us to not continue climbing that table.

Well that was a little bit about what I’ve made of Arsenal’s season so far and that’s me for today. I really do hope you enjoyed. If you have any thoughts or absolutely anything you’d like me to write about or talk about please comment or ask me on Twitter ( @AMMueller ) . See you soon!


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  1. a gud indroduction

  2. Aishwarya permalink

    I loved the read but here is the thing nearly every Arsenal fan is afraid of uttering – injury. We have struck such a delicate balance here. Fingers crossed that everything works out like magic but I am seriously worried about van Persie. Maybe after all this bad luck, good luck has actually found Arsenal? I dare not dream but really really hope that is true. Also, I am a bit surprised that Theo Walcott’s sporadic bursts of brilliance were not mentioned. His goal against Chelsea was inspired and yet he performance against Marseille was pathetic and absolutely boorish. I think with some confidence on his part, he might just be able to fulfill the promise he seemed to make with his brilliant goal against Barca in 2010. When he is in form, no one can touch him, when he isn’t, he makes crucial mistakes. Wenger has to stablise him and stat.

  3. Nothing wrong with following Arsenal from Scotland you know – we have to educate the heathens in the ways of proper football ;-)

    I’m certainly more optimistic about the rest of the season, and I think we’re playing with 2 DM now in Song & Arteta which gives our R&LB’s licence to go down the flanks. Spreads the attacking play and keeps us more compact at the back. It’ll take time to gel properly, but it could pay dividends especially when we get Jack and others back as you say.

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