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German forwards in January but no Hazard, the new medical centre and Reserves highlights.

by on November 9, 2011

Hello all and a happy Wednesday all around! Champions League football you ask? Carling Cup? That strange feeling of a midweek league game? Nope. Nothing. We’re halfway through the first week of the interlull abyss. Who knows whether we can last it. As our players fly off to different countries in order to suffer some kind of horrific injury that will sideline them all for the next 87 years, it seems we’ve been looking at new players for January.

The issue of a striker has come up before. I mentioned our heavy scouting of Stefan Jovetic before, but it looks like we have a new option in 22-year old Marco Reus. We have reportedly made an inquiry and he could well be a cheaper option than Jovetic who recently signed a new contract [if memory serves]. I have to confess I’ve never watched Reus in action, but he certainly seems to be getting all kinds of praise, which is nice to see.

Eden Hazard has been linked with us for quite a while, as we all know. Although questions have always remained about whether we can afford him, he seems to have put that to bed with his latest quotes. Reports in the Spanish media suggest that he is willing to turn down offers from any other club for the chance to play for Real Madrid and spend time with his hero, Zizou [Zidane]. Obviously it’s disappointing, but it’s one of those things. If it’s true then we’ll be missing out on a good player, but I’m sure Arsene has something up his sleeve. He usually does.

As I was saying yesterday, a few of our players won’t really be going anywhere during the interlull, as they’ll be staying in the club’s new state of the art medical centre. What’s that you say? You wish Arseblogger did an article on it where he visited the club and was given a tour by Messrs. Lewin and Driscoll? Well you’re in luck… Give it a read!

If you missed it recently, Brendan did a report on the Reserves 2-0 win at home to Fulham where Sanchez Watt and Oghuzan Ozyakup got the goals. Ozyakup really seems to be settling in at the moment so it’s no surprise that there are a few clubs looking at the possibility of taking him on loan. For the highlights, click here.

That’s it for today, just a quick one as it’s an interlull and what not. Visit tomorrow evening to read the new columnists’ first post[ if they get it out on time….]. In the meantime, you can follow me on twitter @SavageGooner and like us on facebook.


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  1. Leo ileke permalink

    Gunners 4 life

  2. Leo ileke permalink

    Gunnes 4 life

  3. Arsenal 4 life

  4. Should I join in with the chorus? ;-)

    I’m pleased with these Bundesliga links, it’s a similar league and there’s some great technical & strong young players in that league right now. A couple of signings in Jan could set us right up.

    • Hah, why not. ;)
      Absolutely right, I’m a big Bundesliga fan myself, players there are both physically and technically strong.
      The general consensus seems to be that we’ll make a few signings in January, maybe a forward and a midfielder. Looks promising.

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