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All things told, not a bad result + signing a striker in January and the youngsters turn up the consistency.

by on November 2, 2011

Hello all, it’s me! I didn’t actually watch the match, because the two sports channels in my hotel decided to show international football [U.A.E. vs. Lebanon] and basketball between them. I still don’t have internet fast enough to stream live videos, so I followed it on twitter.

Obviously I’m therefore in no position to comment on the performance, but I can talk about things in general. Okay, so we drew. It wasn’t particularly bad though, you could say we were lucky to win in the away leg, so maybe things even themselves out. I think most people would have taken four points from six against Marseille anyway, I know I would have. A trip to Greece and Dortmund at home. Potentially tricky, but I think we can still be somewhat confident of winning the group.

Since I’ve been gone, we’ve put together a nice little run haven’t we? Out of the last 10, we’ve won 8 and drawn 1. Yesterday obviously. We lost as well, but that was to a handball so it doesn’t count really. Does it? I’m not going to say we are title contenders, but things are just starting to slot together nicely and, with Chelsea and Manchester United losing their cloak of invincibility [there’s only one ‘Invincibles’!] things are starting to look somewhat up. We passed a big test in winning 5-3 at the Bridge. Not we have to win this weekend and try to carry that form over the international break into what is historically a tricky month. We’ll have to avoid complacency against Norwich and Fulham [as well as this weekend!], while we’ll look to wrap up Champions League qualification at home to Dortmund while an interesting Carling Cup match at home to City rounds off the month. Should be a good one then.

In other news, there have been rumours of Marouane Chamakh going out on loan in January, with Bordeaux a likely destination. Who will come in you say? “Stevan Jovetic!” says I! Or says wearethenorthbank anyway. [Never been wrong. That’s not just an endorsement, it’s a fact.] Apparently Arsenal have been scouting the talented young forward. I’m a bit of a fan so I would love this signing, I’m probably a bit biased though. Park hasn’t been too bad. I’ve seen the usual kind of stuff. “HE’S AMAZING!!!!!” after the Bolton match followed by “weifsdnfiofhoinoi shite yeah oaisdfiojiosj wenger old plyrs need” after yesterday. He’s shown talent, but obviously needs more game time. As for Chamakh, I don’t know. He scored, but he seems to have lost confidence since then! I hate to say it, but I’ve given up [just a bit] on him. Until he becomes brilliant that is.

The youngsters have put together a bit of a run as well. They’re a pretty talented bunch this year, I’m sure Brendan [@AFC_93] will have much more on them throughout the year though.

There we go then, a bit of a mish-mash as I’ve been away for a while and wasn’t able to watch yesterday’s match. Hopefully normal service will resume soon, I have the international break to work on it if not! I’m also looking at getting a columnist in, or someone, not sure if they’re a columnist. I’m not sure what classifies one as a columnist. Anyway, if you’re interested then you can get in touch with me using the details on the ‘Contact Us!’ page. Alternatively, you can follow me on twitter @SavageGooner [do that anyway ;)]. That’s all for now folks, peace out and what not.

Victoria Concordia Crescit – Victory Comes Through Harmony


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