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Players seem to lack passion. Brown-nosing media

by on October 6, 2011

I’ve almost calmed down after the result from Sunday. Funny enough, my shortest ever post caused quite a discussion, more so than ever. Always good to see, whether you agree or not. Football is all about opinions after all.

I won’t talk much about the game as I am only just getting over it. In fact, the only way I would describe that game was utter shite. We can say Gervinho should have scored a sitter in the first half, or Van der Fart should have been penalised for handling the ball for their first goal, but that is no excuse for a shambolic performance. Szczesny made some brilliant saves, but all good goalkeepers have their slip-ups. Unfortunately Chezzer’s came in the North London Derby, when he was unable to keep out Kyle Walker’s strike from range. Yes the ball did move, but he also got a touch before it went through his palms and in the back of the net. I won’t slate Chezzer though, he is a proper gooner, and thanks to him he has kept our scorelines down so far this season with some incredible saves.

But regardless how the goals were scored, they should never of had the opportunities. We once again faulted defensively, and even against the Spuds, if you switch off for a second, especially at Shite Hart Lane, they will punish you. That’s what they did. They saw a chink in our armour and went for it, infuriating as it is.

These bunch of players clearly don’t understand what it means to wear the cannon on their chest. Apart from a handful of them (a couple who are currently injured), none of them seem to give a toss. They can run their mouths all they like about how they want to do well and win trophies with the club, but their words mean nothing if they can’t back it up on the pitch.

You would have thought losing in a NLD with about 10-15minutes remaining, we would have given it a real good go to get a result, but unsurprisingly they couldn’t be arsed to pull their fingers out and do that. It’s heartbreaking to watch, and it’s completely unacceptable.

What really pisses me off the most is how Twitchy and the brown-nosing-of-his-arse media portrayed the Arsenal fans as disgusting after chants at Adebayor. Ok, it’s wrong to sing the songs that were directed at him, but that’s part of football. I didn’t hear a fucking word from Harry Redknapp, or the media, when spud fans used to sing the songs about Adebayor’s mum and dad back when he played in our colours. Not a fucking peep. When they played each other in the Carling Cup earlier this season, I didn’t hear a word in the media about Man Utd fans singing about the Leeds fans that got stabbed in Turkey a few years ago. Why? Because the media love to thrive on Arsenal’s failings and misery. They try to convince us that they aren’t picking on Arsenal, but that’s just complete toilet talk. Liverpool haven’t won a trophy for five years, but when was the last time you heard the media go on about it like they do with Arsenal? I’ve decided to never to buy any newspaper such as The Sun or The Daily Mirror ever again. We should get a petition going, to completely boycott purchasing their newspapers. After all, who wants to read what them clueless, shit-stirring nob-scratches have got to say about our club, because it’s all bollocks anyway.

No club football now for a week and a bit as the Internationals are back. Yippee…*insert sarcasm.

If you have any opinions on the T*ttenham-bum bandits of the media, on what happened during the game on Sunday, or anything else, please leave your thoughts in the comments section below. I’ll be back Monday. Have a good weekend Gooners.

Last thing before I go. It was awful to hear that Tomas Rosicky and his wife had lost their 5-month unborn child on Monday. I couldn’t imagine what they are going through, and our thoughts are with Tomas and his wife through this very difficult period of their lives.

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  1. shakir1989 permalink

    I think Arsenal need a 4-1-2-1-2 (4-1-2-1-1-1)

    You have the keeper and a back four.
    One holding midfielder – just sits in midfield all day long mopping up everything, A.Song does not do this, M’vila can, when needed he’s pretty good at attacking too.
    Two wingers who play well and cross well, there is Gervinho but Walcott has to improve his crossing and link up play.
    Wilshere or ramsey in midfield creating the passes and responsible for all link up play upfront.
    The next part is where Wenger needs to notice what he did wrong. He should not have sold Adebayor or he should have found an equal or better replacement. V.Persie and Arshavin should be the strikers who play in the hole behind the main ST, VP is more a CF than ST. He is exceptionally technical as well as A.A they create great chances, when we had Ade and V.P upfront we were unstoppable until Eduardo broke his leg and we went on a slide. We need two upfront or we will create chances but with only 1 player with 3 defenders usually to go past, no way, 2 upfront great chance.

    What do you guys think.

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