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Shameful performance is not acceptable

by on October 3, 2011

After that pathetic performance at Shite Hart Lane, I’m not going to bother with a post today. If Arsenal can’t be arsed to show any effort, then why should I?

I may post Thursday, I may not. Depends if I am still pissed off from yesterday’s match.

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  1. wankerwengermustgo permalink

    Seriously, what were you expecting? So many of you keep saying that Arsene is THE MAN! Well, this is what the great Arsene Wenger is dishing out – and come on – did you honestly expect more from the team we have?? There are those of us who have shouted ourselves hoarse trying to tell the rest of you that this Frenchman is NOT what he is made out to be – but hey, what the hell do we know?!

  2. We are already okay with what we have seen so far, so d only solution to dis problem his wenger to leave arsenal alone.

  3. gunner4life permalink

    @wankerwengermustgo: what happened at shite heart lane was not entirely wenger’s fault. It was thanx to some lazy nd dismal performance by ramsey nd theo nd gers that we lost yesterday. We could have easily scored another in the second half. U should jus be condemnin the players nd not AW. Its not entirely his fault. The first spuds goal shud have been ruled out. Thanks dumb hoddle spuds got that goal. .

  4. Savageg so u how happy with what his going on. Do u Known what think, think u are not a through gunners.

  5. gunner4life permalink

    I never said i am happy with what is going on. All i am sayin is that wenger shud not be blamed for everything.

  6. Olabode Medale permalink

    Calling for wenger head is not the solution and will never be, i think we must not forget that we are seriously being face with one problem or the other i mean injury if supposing our team is 100% do u think the like of song will have to play defensive role? or if wilshere is not injured ramson will av an opportunity? 4 carvinho and walcot they are not fit so let appreciate the resort and believe u me this team will definitely spring some surprise may be then my statement will make meaning

  7. gunner4life permalink

    Exactly. Jus imagine how good it wud have been to have song play in the holding position. He has that knack of makin that one brilliant pass which changes the game. U saw it urself last nite nd durin the olympiakos game. I guess(like always) we are jus plain unlucky not to have a fit startin 11 playin at the moment.

  8. jehi permalink

    i say lets leave wenger till the end of this season and checkout the results he grinds out.that way we will know if he still has it in him or should go. Chelsea lost form for most parts of last season yet, they ended the season higher than us.a true champ team will always deliver form or no form or injuries.if we end up like liverpool did,then wenger must go he is not bigger than the club

  9. All good points. I must say, like Savage, I’m just as fed up with the anti-Wenger brigade as I am with the media. Some of the blame has to lay with the players. None of them have any passion. None of them have any initiative, or the ability to push and grind out a result compare to teams like Man Utd or Chelsea. We have no backbone and no bollocks. Yes Wenger does pick the players on the team-sheet, but for anyone on £50,000 a week or more, should fucking well earn it. These players couldn’t give a fuck. Don’t listen to their bullshit about we want to do well for this club, etc. To do well you need to pull your finger out of your arse and stop daydreaming about the next fancy car you’re gonna buy with your overpaid salary. I’m not excusing Wenger, the blame does lay with him also, but calling for his head is just moronic. Call for his head, then call for the players’ heads aswell.

  10. McTavish permalink

    what fucking shite. Of course it is Wenger’s fault. He buys them, he picks them, he is supposed to motivate them, he is supposed to coach them. He gives them often undeserved contracts. Walcott is shite. Ramsay is innocuous. Wilshire is injured because he played way too much last year – because – Wenger didn’t buy another midfielder. Same reason Cesc left. The team has no heart, no dig, and now no ability advantage over, well, pretty much anyone. If you don’t think that is Wenger’s fault you are delusional. Do you know what happened in Wenger’s last year at Monaco. Four years or so after having a good team, and then seeing it dismantled and not replaced, the senior players that were left had enough, culminating in the best player, George Weah leaving for PSG because he could see that they wouldn’t compete again. Monaco lost their first five games, and then finished ninth whereupon Wenger was sacked. Hopefully Arsenal won’t wait that long.

    • Nobody is saying it isn’t Wenger’s fault, but the blame can’t be purely pinned on the manager. The players aren’t children who should need someone to motivate them for one of the biggest games of the season, if Mikel Arteta decided to sit in the centre-circle 20 minutes into the match, that wouldn’t be Arsene Wenger’s fault. That would be Mikel Arteta’s, where do you draw the line? I for one would struggle to decide where.

    • If you go by that, then you can never have a pop at another player again. i.e. If Alminia plays again and has several clangers, then according to you that will now be Wenger’s fault. If Chamakh misses a few sitters, then again that’s Wenger’s fault. As Savage said, we aren’t saying he isn’t at fault, because he is. But the players all need to be held accountable too.

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