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RVP hits 100, but in no rush for new deal, Wilshere out for five months

by on September 27, 2011

Crikey! We’ve won two games…in a row! Very bizarre!

Good day Gooners! Hope you all had a good weekend. You must have done if Arsenal picked up three points. Quick analysis of the game, as it’s Tuesday and a bit late to talk about the result now. Yes I do normally post on a Monday, and this is the second time I have posted on a Tuesday instead, but I have been busy sorting stuff out for my new job. First half on Saturday was very poor. The game was slow, and there was a lack of creativity. Bolton almost took the lead in the first couple of minutes, but another fine Szczesny save prevented the visitors going 1-0 up. The only real attempt of the first half was a superb curling strike by Robin van Persie from a laid-off free-kick, which just whistled past the far post. I was, like many of the fans, getting extremely frustrated during the first . Was it worth my time to stay and watch this bollocks? Well it turned out that it was, as we came out in the second half guns a blazing, netting three goals in the process. A much more fiery performance from the boys in red and white, and it was a massive relief to know that Arsenal can put in a match-winning performance when it was needed. A huge three points won, and this can only be a match which can lift the spirits of the players. Still, very early days to suggest that we have turned the corner. When it looks like we have, we come to an almighty halt. But this is a performance the players can look back on, and take into the next game.

Two of those three goals scored was the skipper Robin van Persie, which also meant it was his 100th goal for the club, and only the 17th player ever in Arsenal’s history to reach the feat. Congratulations RVP! A massive achievement, especially for a player who has suffered his fair share of injuries during his Arsenal career. It’s not all happy times though with Robin van Persie. It was said yesterday that the skipper is in no rush to sign a contract extension to his current two years remaining.

“I still have almost two years left here, so for the moment that’s fine. But I don’t know, we will have to look. I’m happy with my contract, I’m good. That’s how it is, I can’t say much more. I can’t look into the future. Maybe I’ll leave it because the main thing for me is the team and that we play well.
“I do believe you have to look for a right moment to sit down and speak about your own stuff. It’s not only about me, it’s about the team. We are not talking now because we are so busy – we have games every three or four days. I don’t think it’s clever to do that during the season.”

Now this can mean two things. Either he genuinely wants to concentrate on the football, and football alone. Or he is waiting to see if the club can finally land silverware after 6-years without any, and if it turns out to be 7, or even 8 years, without any, then he may seek to play elsewhere. Now I dread to think it would be the latter, but you could not fault him if that was the case. Every player wants to win trophies to show that their career was one to envy, and if Arsenal continue to fall back season after season, then maybe it’s in his best interest to move to another club. However I don’t think that is the case. He has been made captain of the club because he is a leader, and speaks his mind. In my opinion I genuinely believe he will extend his contract at the end of this season. Like he said, he wants to concentrate on getting results for the club rather than looking at sole purposes. A true captain in my eyes. Fear not my fellow Gooners!

Jack Wilshere had surgery on the injured ankle yesterday, and has declared the operation a success on Twitter:

“Had my operation and all went well! I am feeling good will spend the night in hospital to monitor me but apart from that I am happy!”

Our star midfielder is expected to be out for around five months. A massive blow to the club, but we can only wish him a speedy recovery. Hopefully the time won’t drag until we see our boy wonder in the famous red and white shirt.

Next up is the second game of our Champions League Group, where we host Olympiakos at the Emirates Stadium tomorrow night. Don’t underestimate this team, they are a team well capable of taking advantage and punishing teams who fail to take their chances. Still, a game I think we will win comfortably. My prediction: Arsenal 4-0 Olympiakos.

That’s me done until Thursday. What are your predictions for the game tomorrow? What was your favourite Robin van Persie goal in his first 100 for the club? Leave your comments in the usual place below. I’ll start off. My favourite was when we played Sparta Prague at Highbury in November 2005. Van Persie, who scored two in the last ten minutes of the game, received the ball from Dennis Bergkamp, and shuffled past two challenges before smashing the ball with his left foot past the goalkeeper from outside the box. It was a stunning goal, and the goal that made RVP one of my favourite players at the club.

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