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Bolton preview, Ricky Alvarez wants to join us and more…

by on September 23, 2011


Pre-match press conference (should be at that link sometime soon…)

Pre-match interviews: Wenger | Oxlade-Chamberlain

Righto then, be sure to watch the preview if you haven’t already. If youre looking for a preview that is. The summary is that Sagna, Rosicky and Rambo are all fit, with Djourou, Benayoun and Squillaci all a week away and Vermaelen and Diaby set to return after the international break.

The team I reckon we’ll put out is something like:






I’m pretty sure that can get us the win. … … … Can’t it? Whenever I say that, it never ends well. Hmm… Having said that, if we were to push on and win the next three matches, that would be pretty good. We would have certainly ‘kick-started’ the season then. Admittedly, a tad belatedly. Predictions? Starting line-ups? Goal scorers? Be sure to comment with any of those!

Press conference round-up

I’m aware that the press conference link isn’t actually linking to a video of the press conference at the time of writing, but hopefully it will do at some point. If it still doesn’t then I’ll tell you what happened. Arsene got annoyed at some annoying guy.

The boss has said that we’ll be hoping to win all four competitions. He also said that playing in the qualifying rounds for the Champions League took their toll on domestic results. He’s also focussing solely on our results, the only thing that he can really do… Finally, despite the fact that Bolton are a ‘crisis club’, he’s repeated that Bolton will be no pushovers. Aside from that, it’s just the team news that I mentioned earlier.

Random News

Remember Ricky Alvarez? Apparently he’s realised that he made the wrong decision joining Inter and wants to join us now! He said it on his twitter account! (Yes, it’s his real authentic official twitter account. I think.)

“Me encantaria jugar en el arsenal, seria un sueño para mi! Ojala dios quiera que se concrete!

translates roughly to:

“I love to play in the arsenal, would be a dream for me! I wish to God that is realized!”

Good times. A good signing? Be sure to comment with your thought on him!

In other news, Andre Santos has been left out of the Brazil squad! Even better times! Read more about it right here.

The young ones

Right, we all know how well Oxlade-Chamberlain and Coquelin did in midweek, but you can watch these videos of their respective performances if you want a reminder!

Coquelin running the midfield

Oxlade-Chamberlain offers hope for the future

An interesting point that was brought up the other day, who are you more excited about? I think Coquelin is closer to the first-team, but it will be interesting to see who goes further. Be sure to comment below if you’ve got an opinion on the matter!

What’s more, that U-18s won 1-0 at Bristol City. If you’re one of those non-existent people who asked me for the highlights, here you go.

Right, that’s about it then, let’s hope for three points tomorrow. While you do that, don’t forget to follow me on twitter @SavageGooner and to like us on facebook!

Victoria Concordia Crescit – Victory Comes Through Harmony


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  1. adegbola fatai lekan permalink

    Alvarez statement about joining arsenal its an old statement d1 he altered b4 joining inter milan

    • Your absolutely right. That’ll teach me to not check my sources. Regardless of that, I’ve heard rumours of interest but obviously the quote is old. Thanks.

  2. Atse evans ovie permalink

    Make him go die. Why did he move to inter instead of my belove? Fuck you

  3. Gomih permalink

    Let wait & see what wil happen. But i don’t believe him until the move is done i.e alvares.

  4. he’s too small 4 us. We dont need his type now dat arsenal is in crisis. He shud b warmn bench at inter bcos dats his dicision.

  5. saintann permalink

    its funny to read wat players always say…ricky was happy when he chose he wants to play for Ansenal KMT ricky

  6. Wow, learn how to spell you ignorant fucks. Ricky Alvarez is the future of Italian soccer. Forza Inter per sempre. Ciao testi di cazzo.

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