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Already a roller coaster season, when will it end?

by on September 19, 2011

I wish one day I can write a post on Arsenal where I am singing their praises. Unfortunately that one day is not today. Today will be the same rants about the same shit about the same team. I hate moaning about the Arsenal, I really do. But at this moment it’s the only thing that gives me any sense of stress-relief.

Last Tuesday, we played against Borussia Dortmund, who are the German Champions. We went there, took the lead, and battled until the very near end until we were denied all three points by a breath-taking volley in the last couple of minutes. Still, we came home with a well fought point in a game which could have seen us demolished. On Saturday afternoon, we went to Ewood Park to play the once Premiership Champions Blackburn Rovers, and after taking the lead twice, yes twice, we came home with sod all after an embarrassing 4-3 defeat. A game in which the third of their four goals consisted of an offside suspicion (it was definitely offside), and two own-goals by our own players.

So, we went from the home of the current German champions, and got a point after an excellent defensive performance, to Ewood fucking Park, a team who before kick-off were bottom of the table, and lost after conceding the lead twice. Even before kick-off the Blackburn fans were protesting for the sacking of their manager! I’m sorry, this is just not acceptable.

What the hell happened?! That game was ours for the taking. At 2-1 we looked in control and under no real pressure from the home team. It really did seem like it was going to be a cruise, which I should know by now that Arsenal don‘t know how to win a game comfortably. It could have been 3-1 before the break if Gervinho had given the ball to an open Robin van Persie rather than going it alone. But once Blackburn got that free-kick after an Arshavin “foul” (the reason ‘foul’ being in quotation marks is for the simple reason I do not believe it was a foul), it went tits up. We decided to give up, and let Blackburn pick up momentum. Only in the last ten minutes we decided to go for it, in which substitute Chamakh reduced the deficit to 4-3, and Mertesacker almost making it 4-4.

It was truly painful to watch. You can blame two own-goals, an offside goal, and a questionable free-kick, but that’s all irrelevant at the end of the day. Once again where it looked like we were slowly on the up, we were kicked back down to the floor. As soon as Blackburn got their second equaliser, there was no way back for us. The home fans got behind their team, and that spurred Blackburn on to attack our defence every time they got the ball. Every time we got the ball, we panicked and lost possession. We stick to the same tactics in every match like an amateur player on a PC Football Manager game. We are too predictable in every game we go into, and teams like Blackburn aren’t scared to play Arsenal and give us a real good go anymore.

Robin van Persie looked isolated throughout the whole game, and that’s because the formation we used did not suit his play, and give him the ammunition he needed to threaten towards the opposing goal. Our defence and midfield look weak and vulnerable without Thomas Vermaelen and Jack Wilshere, and especially when Sagna hobbled off and was replaced by the ineffective Johan Djourou. I don’t want to say this team can only perform with van Persie, Vermaelen, and Wilshere, and without them we have no hope, because the rest of the players in the squad should be good enough if they are to pull on the Arsenal shirt. Unfortunately from the looks of it, and it’s sad to say, but they aren’t. We need players like Vermaelen and Wilshere on the pitch because they are born leaders. They will scream in a team-mates face if it means for them to pull their finger out and show some passion in their game.

Before this game, a friend of mine told me that Blackburn had conceded 50 times in the last 19 meetings against Arsenal. So being told that stat before the game, only for us to lose, is just too hard to accept. I’m seriously bewildered that we couldn’t show the same fighting spirit against Blackburn, that we showed against Borussia Dortmund. Seriously, I am genuinely confused by it.

Why do we do it? Why do they do this to us? Why do they raise our hopes only for them to bring them crashing back down? It’s a long, long road to recovery before we get back to the Arsenal we used to know. The only thing we could do as supporters is stay behind the team. They need us more than ever right now.

We host Shrewsbury tomorrow evening in the third round of the Carling Cup. A game we are bound to win, but who knows the way we have been playing lately. Although it will more than likely be the Arsenal kids playing this fixture, I think we should give the main squad this fixture as a practice game, as they most certainly need one right now.

What are your thoughts and opinions of the game on Saturday? What do you think about the game tomorrow? Scores and predictions? Leave all your thoughts in the comments section below.

See you Thursday. Have a good few days.

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  1. Lewis Nigeria permalink

    My hands are just too heavy to write and so my heart! What an embarrazing/cold moment as a fan! Honestly,it’s becoming unbearable,sad and unbelievable! Is wenger growing weary with age or what? Or is it a spell? I don’t know! Above all,I think what is realy hunting us now is traceable to that time when we failed to act at the right time like others in the summer transfers! We failed to prepare,now unpleasant results!Where do we go from here?It appears the bullets are no more in stock,so the gun is useless!

  2. vince permalink

    Great post mate,as a fellow gooner am totally heartbroken at what as become of arsenal from invincible to invisible, and its very hard to see anything positive with the current squad. We have what I regard as world class players in Van the Man,vermalin,jack, and sagna.. The rest are players who are good enough to play for a mid table team and some the championship!..I admire wenger for the fantastic style of football he as bought to the club transforming us from the rute one to ian wright to (uk Barcelona).right let get to the point personally I want wenger to remain as manager!,the board need to give the fans all the money they have been robbing from us by spending big on world class players not bargain basement players,bring back dein! To help out the professor who I believe is out of his debt trying to do everything,,a new medical staff including fitness team is needed to stop our comical injuries record, a world class defensive coach and goal keeper is also needed at the moment I think of a few sunday league team who can defend better then us!. And last of all to all my fellow gooners out there let’s get together and pray pray pray we don’t get relegated.

  3. Shub permalink

    As a fan from India, I still remain hopeful. I hope the players realize the current situation and make amends quickly….

    • vince permalink

      Shub am very happy that someone at least is hopeful,but one of the major problem in arsenal at the moment is that the players no longer believe in wenger!.

  4. Temp permalink

    People keep banging on about this brand of footballwe are meant to play, I think we have lost that. Man utd have 100x more flair, skill and passing ability in their team than we do ATM.

    We have also lost our fear factor, teams like Blackburn are no longer scared to beat us. Agree we need to change to formation, current team dont have the workrate required to use his formation. We also miss jack in the
    Middle of the park

    On the plus side Arteta has fitted straight into the team, more of a ball winner than fabregas was. Ramsey dosent look ready to play such a vital role for us, he needs more games / exp

  5. Temp permalink

    Also NIck you dodged a bullet by not coming with me!!

    • Haha I know! Still will pay the jock his money though as didn’t know until short notice, so don’t mind giving him the £35 to pay for it. Still, saved us a ton of petrol money and sympathy beer money!

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