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Blackburn away. Arshavin in the centre? Theo up front? An easy win or tricker than it looks?

by on September 16, 2011

Pre-match presser | Pre-match interview (Should be up sometime soon if not up already)


Well, that was one of the more boring press conferences, there’s no doubting that. No transfers to talk about, no crises, no horrific results to cover the back pages in. A shame really, still worth a watch I suppose, but I’ve got all the headlines here anyway. I lied about transfers though, although the window is open, the press obviously looked to try to get transfer rumours going anyway, with Wenger saying that we need to win this one and improve our consistency if we’re to really fulfil our potential. Seems simple enough, it would be pretty pointless being good for a week and then being rubbish for a week.

It’s also easy for people to forget that we had the best away record of any team last season. It was pretty phenomenal really, considering the horrific end to our season, with form that would have seen us quite easily relegated. Speaking of relegation, that’s a prospect Blackburn could be facing if they don’t pick up their early season form, having picked up only one point so far and sitting bottom of the table. Steve Kean has come under a lot of pressure and there are reports of a fans’ protest this Saturday. Arsene Wenger sympathises for him. That’s nice. The way I see it, anyone is better than Fat Sam!

Samuel Eto’o’s move to Anzhi also came up [somewhat belatedly no?], with the boss saying that top wages should only ever be matched with a top attitude, in his opinion. The boss also gave the latest team news, with Abou Diaby and Thomas Vermaelen expectrd to be back after the next international break, Aaron Ramsey a lot sooner with a small chance of playing tomorrow and Jack Wilshere still a bit unknown with 4-6 weeks estimated before he gets his protective boot off, has tests and will be available for selection.


The boss also predicted a bright future for Laurent Koscielny, saying he has a lot of potential and could get better and better.’Dave’ as some call him seems to be the Mr. Under-rated at the club. Let’s not forget the way he handled Messi! If you need further proof, watch this video of him in action against Dortmund.

There’s the whole, Benayoun thing with people asking whether he’ll stay on after his loan. I always saw this as a make-shift signing while the likes of Oxo and Miyaichi gain experience. Having said that, it’s not a bad idea to have him around, if he’s okay with the whole ‘over 20-s are second class citizens’ thing that we do. Also, talkshitesport reckon we’re after a youngster. To be honest, you could link us with practically any teenager in the world and it would sound credible.

Right, that’s pretty much it then, hopefully that pre-match interview will appear sooner rather than later. Don’t forget all the usual stuff, like us on facebook, follow me on twitter, etc. Be sure to drop your opinions in the comments box as well! What do you think the score will be? Who could you see scoring? Who will Blackburn’s danger man be?


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  1. Match the body and title

  2. Even though, I doubt I’ll be watching the match (school and whatnot), it could either be a hard fought 2-1 win or a 1-1 draw, that’s if Diaby doesn’t give away a penalty…

    • Diaby won’t be available. He had surgery in the summer so won’t be back for another few weeks at least.

  3. Just as well. On a bad day, he lays enough eggs to feed everybody in the Emirates. Any idea on what the squad could look like?

    • I said in the video I expected:
      Not sure about the formation for those four up front though. Ramsey has a small chance of being in the squad, not sure about Rosicky.

  4. onmakpo yanky permalink

    this squad are okay.and wil bring a better results

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