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Reserves highlights, no panic buys,

by on September 15, 2011

New blogs

Right then, not really sure where to start today. I suppose I’ll start with a new blog I’m following. Two news blogs actually. Those of you who are avid Arsenal youtubers may know of the various CWD accounts, the reserves one being particularly well known. If you’ve ever watched a video of an Arsenal youngster out on loan, chances are it was made by CWD (@CulannDavies on twitter). Anyway, Culann has now set up a blog, where he will post all his videos and will also give analysis on the performances of our young players during said matches. Good times, he’s had a busy start as well, with Carlos Vela playing a role in an embarrassing result for Barcelona and Henri Lansbury, who now appears to have a future at the club, scoring on his debut for the Hammers. As I mentioned, videos for both are there.

I mentioned two blogs because there’s another one out there! England Football Blog always have the news on up and coming English talent and know their Arsenal talent quite well. What’s more, they have highlights and a line-up from the reserves match. Take a look.


Yossi Benayoun refutes the notion that he’s a “panic buy”, claiming that there was contact with Arsenal over a week before the transfer window closed. That’s reassuring. I don’t really believe in panic buys, a club like ours with a scouting network like ours will have a whole list of players who should be able to come in and do a job. It’s not like we lose out on one target and don’t know any other player in the world who can play in that position. Yossi also spoke recently about choosing Arsenal above other clubs. Good quotes.

Marvin Martin, who is being highly rated for the number of assists he makes and his cool name, has reportedly signed a new contract. There’s an ace in this hand though, his new contract apparently ha a clause saying he can leave them next summer, hopefully for us. At only 23 and very French, he would be a classic Wenger signing.

Mikel Arteta has also spoken about his move, saying that Cesc played a part in his move here. Nifty.


A bit of news then, two interviews first off. “Meet Chy-Young Park” which is alright, although a bit misleading. There’s no actual meeting. There’s also Benik Afobe’s world. I found it pretty interesting, essentially about his up-bringing and how he’s got to where he is.

Speaking about the Dortmund match, Mikel Arteta is unsure whether the result is good or not. He says we’ll only know when the group stages have finished. Seems sensible. He’s also been speaking about playing in the big matches and in the best competitions which, with all due respect to the Toffees, was probably missing at Everton.

Yossi Benayoun, speaking about the Dortmund match, reckons that it was a good point and one the club can build on. I do think that something has been added to the dressing room in the last week or two that was otherwise missing.

Lastly, Laura Harvey the Ladies team manage seems to be enjoying herself at the club. Hardly surprising given their success.

Right then, kind of a pointless blog post, but the reserve highlights are worth a watch I suppose. Nick’s post from earlier is worth a read as well, his take on the draw in Dortmund and look-ahead to the Blackburn match. As always you can follow me on twitter @SavageGooner and like our facebook page to keep up to date on theret as well.

Victoria Concordia Crescit – Victory Comes Through Harmony


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