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Three points won ugly, Arsenal new boys seem to fit in

by on September 12, 2011

Good day Gooners! Hope you all had a weekend to remember. I wish I did, but large amounts of alcohol reduced a lot of my memory. I did remember the game on Saturday, although it wasn’t exactly one of those classic games.

So we finally got three points this season. It wasn’t pretty, but it was about time we won a game, regardless of how we performed. Was I annoyed about our performance? Yes a little bit, but I can’t expect my team to play outstanding all the time, although that would be good. My annoyance was probably because I gave myself false hope of going to the game and thinking we would absolutely destroy them, and yet it turned out to be a Swansea goalkeeping error that decided the game. A team we should have embarrassed. A game where it should have been a 90-minute training session. Yet a hilarious error by their goalkeeper gave us the three points we needed. Still that’s the only thing that matters, is the 3 points, and we finally got them. I would much prefer us to win the remaining 34 games like that, than to play beautiful football and draw/lose. Beautiful football does not necessarily put points on the board. We managed to scrap a win, and that’s something that has been missing from our game for some time.

Let’s also not forget that this is a new team, that still need time to play together, so it can only get better. Once the team gels, it’ll certainly be more entertaining to watch than it was on Saturday. Arteta had a great game, and really reminded me of Na$ri. Although the difference between the two is that Arteta isn’t a money-grabbing c*nt. Per Mertesacker had a comfortable game. He was rarely called upon to be honest, but his presence at the back seemed to calm those twitchy nerves we all got every time a team used to attack our goal. Szczesny had a solid game, pulling off an incredible save in the first half, and looked to be in charge of his area when Swansea were in our final third. He is rapidly maturing game by game, and an absolute joy to watch for Arsenal.

Swansea were certainly no pushovers though. They didn’t create much, but then neither did we. Swansea tried to play their football, and I thought they did well to stay in the game throughout the 90minutes. It was a shame for them that their tool of a goalkeeper had an absolute mental moment and pissed away a possible hard-earned point for them…HAHA!

Borussia Dortmund away tomorrow. Very tough start, but then again there are no easy fixtures in our Champions League Group. No idea how this game will turn out. A point would be a great result, but three points would be better, obviously. My prediction: Borussia Dortmund 1-1Arsenal.

Sorry about the lack-lustre post today. I wrote this late Sunday evening/early morning today, and I was still very hungover! I can see Will’s disgusted look on his face, a shake of his head, and a ‘tut’ as I write this. I’ll make it up to you with a slightly better post on Thursday. Well, I say that, but you are the judges at the end of day.

What did you think of the new signings on Saturday? How do you think the game in Dortmund will turn out tomorrow? What are your predictions. Leave your answers and opinions in the familiar comments section at the bottom of the page.

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One last thing. I heard some extremely sad news that my next door neighbour had passed away Wednesday night due to a untreatable illness. It is very upsetting to hear someone that you see everyday, whether it is a morning ‘Hello’, or bumping into them at the local shops to buy the paper, has had their life cut short. A very decent man who did everything for his wife and two boys, and I just can not imagine what they are going through right now. My thoughts go to his family and close friends at this very difficult time.


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  1. How thoughtful of u 2 rememba a nxtdoor neighbour on ur blog.waitn 4 thursday update.i hope we giv dortmund a surprise package 2mao.

  2. Kaycee sunshine permalink

    Nice one bro, my condolence to ur neighbor, i know the feeling and really its very thoughtful of you to air it -he’ll be proud of u. As for our next match, i have a feeling that we’ll have the big laugh. The boys must be getting along more now and lets not also forget that there will be three solid changes to the team against swansea in Song, Gervinho, and Santos. Without doubt, Gervinho will bring a unique dimension to our attack linking up very well with Van persie, song will provide more solidity in the middle of the pack and that man Santos, i have a feeling he’ll be d talk of the day -am hopefull in a positive sense. Common you gunners

  3. Kaycee Naija gunner permalink

    You were point blank here & jst on target.Wining our next 34 games dis way and not playin beautiful football is by far far beta & i concur.This team wil only get beta wit time.Condolence’s 2 ur neighbour’s bereaved widow.its qiute unfortunate it turned out dis way.

  4. Kaycee Naija gunner permalink

    Sori my fellow Gunner’s,i’l hv to deviate abit.Hey Adebayor whts wrng wit you,whts happenin 2 ur career? Sinc u left our darlin team Arsenal u stil havnt settled.You nw wonder lik a sheep witout a shepard (3 clubs in 2yrs) doesnt dat spell doom 4 ur stay in here? The team u left 4 (Mancity) at d xpense of ours has rejected you,Real madrid has also rejected you & nw u pitch ur tents with the white Lilies,ie u ar bck 2 the North London you so means u aint reliable.i wonder wher nxt u’l end up? All u who left dis team 4 sake of money wld hv no future here.Ask Alieksandr Hleb!

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