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O.Kahn says Chezzer is World Class, Hill-Wood defends Arsene, Arteta is no replacement

by on September 8, 2011

Good day Gooners. Hope you are all well. So we face Premier League new boys Swansea on Saturday. We’ll talk about that later, but first let’s get all the other bits and bobs out of the way.

Wojciech Szczesny has won Arsenal’s EA Sports Player of the Month award for August, with a whopping 40% of the Arsenal fans votes. Chezzer has been one of our very few, if not only, consistent performer from the start of the season. He kept a clean sheet in our first game of the season against Newcastle, followed by two impressive displays against Udinese, particularly the second leg with that outrageous penalty save! (I’m sure you have seen it, but just incase you haven’t, click the link here to view it on youtube.) Yes, he had to pick the ball out of the net eight times against Manure United (I fucking hate saying that), but he still made some good stops to save us even more despair. Szczesny played Tuesday night in the 2-2 draw with Germany, and performed so well, that he even received praise from legendary goalkeeper Oliver Kahn, who said there was one world class performer during the match, and that was our boy Chezzer. Congratulations Chezzer!

Arsenal chairman Peter Hill-Wood has spoken out in anger, dismissing suggestions that Arsene Wenger’s job has finally come under threat. You can read the full story here. Let’s be honest, can you ever see Wenger getting the sack? For all those that love him, and for all those that are calling for his head *cough* fickle fans *cough*, could you realistically ever see our most successful manager getting the sack, after almost 15 years service to the club? Do me a favour, it would never happen. Did Hill-wood need to come out to publicly support Wenger to show everyone that the board are behind Arsene 100%? Well to those idiotic people who believe such rubbish created by the media to stir more shit with Arsenal, then I suppose you could say he did. But for Peter Hill-Wood to have to come out publicly and defend Arsene’s Wenger’s job, so people feel almost reassured, is quite simply laughable.

Mikel Arteta has been speaking on Arsenal player, where he made it clear he does not want to be seen as a replacement for neither Cesc Fabregas or Samir Nasri:

“No, I don’t want to use the word replacement. They were two top players for the club, they did really, really well in the last few years and now we have some new players coming in to try and make the same impact. I am sure we will.
“I don’t want the fans to be expecting the same as them because every player is different.
“We need some time to adapt as well, but I am sure that we will give everything we can to make this team better.”

Good to see he wants to make his own name for himself at the club, rather than being a replacement for an ex-player. If you want to check out the whole interview, click here.

We have been linked to Hannover 96 striker Mohammed Abdellaoue, where Hannover believe a number of clubs, including ourselves, are interested in the forward, and he may be on his way out in the January transfer window. Sorry, who?!? I’ve had a little bit of a read about him. By a little read, I mean that I have read that he is a Norwegian international, who signed for Hannover 96 last season and scored double figures. Sounds good, especially for a club like Hannover 96 in a decent German League. I’m sure we will be hearing more about this story in the future.

So let’s get on to the main bit. Premier League new boys Swansea will be making the trip to North London for their first ever appearance at the Emirates Stadium. Should this be a walk in the park for the Arsenal? Well, you would like to think so. Trouble is, we’ve lost our fear factor, especially at home. Teams aren’t as intimidated by us as they used to be, including newly promoted teams who comes to play at the Emirates. Remember the games against Hull City and West Bromwich Albion? Two teams that came up to the top-tier of English football. Two teams that came to the Emirates Stadium, and came to play football. Two teams that our players thought it was three points in the bag before even kicking a ball in the pre-match warm-up. Two teams that shoved that disrespect right back down the throats of all the players and fans who underestimated them, and went home with the last laugh. Swansea will be no different to those two teams. They will come to us on Saturday, and give it a real go, especially with how our season has started so far. I know it sounds crazy to say, but this game could go either way. We could either give Swansea a real hammering on our own turf, the way it should be. Alternatively, we could underestimate the opponent yet again, and show a lacklustre performance in which Swansea will take full advantage of, and join the likes of Hull City and West Brom who have conquered at Ashburton Grove. Let’s hope it’s not the latter eh? Hopefully with the international break, and the new signings, we have managed to clear our heads from that horrible, horrible defeat up north in Manchester.

Of all the signings that could feature on Saturday, the one that excites me the most is Per Mertesacker. Finally we have a giant in the defence! We’ve been crying out for a presence, like Mertesacker, at the back for years now. Mad Jens Lehmann believes he’ll be a huge hit at Arsenal, and boy, does Mad Jens know his stuff! With Lehmann being our number one for a few years, aswell as playing alongside Mertesacker on international duty with Germany, you can only take his word for it. There have been concerns about his pace, which of course is understandable. But I’m sure it’s something not worth worrying about too much, especially if Germany have shown the faith in Mertesacker to grant him 76 international caps for his nation.

Of course I will be excited to also see the likes of Mikel Arteta, Andre Santos, etc. My prediction for the game: Arsenal 2-0 Swansea

That’s it for today. Which new Arsenal signing are you most excited to see play this Saturday, and why? What are your predictions for the game? Do you reckon the international break has benefited us? Leave your thoughts and comments in the comment section below.

Keep an eye out for Will’s post later today. I’m pretty sure he will be uploading one. Always a good read, but you don’t need me to tell you that. Have a good weekend Gooners!

Last thing before I finish this post. It was very sad to hear that after the England vs. Wales match on Tuesday night, there was tragic news involving the death of a Welsh fan outside Wembley Stadium. 44-year old Cardiff City fan Mike Dye, suffered head injuries and sadly passed away after suffering from a heart attack. It is very disappointing to see that a man who has travelled to watch his nation play, will never get to make the trip back home to his family and friends. Our thoughts go out to the family, friends, and loved ones of Mike Dye at this difficult time.

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  1. Ben A permalink

    Yup I agree Mertesacker is a really good signing. I think this lack of pace issue is overstated for 2 reasons: 1. Truly great defenders are great because if their positional sense and ability to read the game (Raymond Blanc is a case in point) and the stats for Per, his incredible clean tackle record and interceptions seem to bear this out. The 2nd point is one of perception: extremely tall people will never look as quick when they run precisely because of their lengthy stride

    I think the new signings will help to dispel memories of Old Trafford + hopefully get Arsene playing us in a slightly different, less predictable way

    I’m excited

    • Good points. Mertesacker actually had a higher top speed than Terry, Vidic and Rooney in the last world cup.
      As Jack points out below, I think you meant Laurent Blanc rather than Raymond Blanc.

  2. I think Arsenal will put in there best when they face swansea on saturday… This is now the time 2 Rise… Forever Gunners

  3. Jack permalink

    Raymon Blanc is a TV chef. I think you meant Laurent.

  4. diamond dave permalink

    i think certain parts of your blog lack respect for those who pay every week to watch the gunners myself included, you are all armchair critics, like little kids in a candy store, i can assure you from the supporters side of it we give it to christmas and we will see where in the league we will sit, the players wenger has bought was panic buying, like most members of our squad injury prone, i still believe like most arsenal supporters we will be fighting relegation, and yes do believe weneger job will be on line, also i think their is a tide turning where certain members of the supporters will turn on the board, they are dillusional, if they believe they can sell our best players and bring in players of not the same standard, mediocore players, look at pat the germans performance against poland, he was outclassed by pace, the prem is full of pacy players, arteta has lost pace and his passing abilities are not the same after his horrible injury 2 seasons ago last season mostly injured, santos even turkey and brazillian players dont rate him see game against a pacy paruguay player he was outclassed and out paced, so if you think wengers job is not on the line lets just remember the broken promises by the board and wenger throughout the summer then lets remember his quote before the mancester game, i am not sure whether we will buy, i believe we have the quality in the squad, watch and you will see, we did against utd, we wlack depth quality, and i think the words of arshavan really some it up since we have lost nasri and fab we have no one who can pass like them to van persie that has been evident so far, so what chance do we have, everybody needs to take a reality check, this squad is weaker than what we had last year and we wont win trophies and we wont qualify for european championship football either that is the stark contrast this board and wenger have taken this club backwards, and again it will be proven on our performances.

    • myonlyarsenal permalink

      Diamond Dave, I am also a paying season ticket holder, and have been for five years, going on six. I am also entitled to my opinions.

    • myonlyarsenal permalink

      Oh, and one more thing. The window has shut till January now. There’s no point whinging about it. Our job as fans is to support the Arsenal through good and bad. We shouldn’t have the attitude of ‘ahh fuck it, we’ll be shit’. If you do, what’s the point in watching them every week?

    • Wow Diamond Dave, that is one long sentence – take a breath mate!

      Whatever you may think of Wenger, at least do him the courtesy of allowing his new signings to play a few matches before you judge them. I actually think he’s bought well and addressed the important issues, ie experience, leaders, height at the back etc. Let’s see how we do over the next few weeks before writing off the season just yet.

  5. cent permalink

    yap i guost arsenal we scare through

  6. Bryte permalink

    Diamond Dave, you should have had your own space where you will write all your rubbish stuff. Meanwhile i know wenger ‘will never be sacked’ but apart from benayoun i think there is no injury prone player in the sqaud.

  7. tunde imam permalink

    we all knew d players we werd missing for the livpool n man U matches… Lets see saturday as a new begining n hope forthe best!! I dont think we need any negativd vibes from so called fans at dis moment… Stick wit the,team or stay away from it.. Simple!!!

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