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An injury-less interlull? Bring on the Swans! Vermaelen for a quick come-back?

by on September 7, 2011


Righto then, news time! Am I the only person who thinks interlulls are deliberately planned for the most idiotic time possible? I mean seriously. There’s an interlull just before the season starts and another one just after the transfer window shuts. It’s just so stupid! Having said that, I’m told that Samir Nasri has been injured and could be out for two months. Schadenfreude…

Thankfully though, it’s over! I would do some kind of interlull round-up, but Gunnerblog has mentioned the important bits so I won’t bother. I know that Szczesny was brilliant against Germany, apparently being called “world-class” by Kahn afterwards. Brilliant if true. I know Rambo got the man of the match award in the England-Wales match. It was pretty boring to be honest. Wales were pretty good in the first half an hour in my opinion and one would assume he won it for his performances early on.

Back to interesting things then, Thomas Vermaelen could be back training within a month. According to what I’ve heard, he may only be out for six weeks as opposed to the two months we heard at first. Great to hear, it will be strange seeing him next to Per Mertesacker though. He’ll look like a dwarf! All be it, a dwarf I certainly wouldn’t want to mess with.

If you haven’t already, then be sure to watch Mikel Arteta’s first official interview with the club. He spoke about moving to the club (obviously) and that his best times are ahead of him. Regular readers will know that I was pleased with the signing of Arteta. It’s nice to actually know the qualities and weaknesses of a player we sign for once. Obviously it’ll be too early to judge with the usual honey-moon period after a new signing. I really am happy though, is he plays in the deeper role then it should allow Ramsey to play in the more advanced role so he can get back on form. It should also allow Wilshere to play in his more advanced ‘No.10’ role when he comes back, if the boss wants to move him forward this early on obviously.

Laura Harvey spoke to Arsenal Player about the success of the inaugural Women’s Super League. Naturally, we always knew we were going to win it… In all seriousness though, it really was quite interesting. It went all the way to the wire, rather than previous leagues which we’ve seen be dominated by one or two big teams (i.e. us).


Following the news that Millwall and Crystal Palace are interested in taking him on loan, Benik Afobe says he probably won’t be going out on loan for  a while, because he wants to see whether he gets first team minutes. You do get the feeling that the arrivals of Ju-Young Park and Yossi Benayoun might just push him further down the pecking order and he may be restricted to Carling Cup appearances. I wouldn’t be at all surprised if Benik was playing Championship football after January. Or even Premiership football. We know that Owen Coyle likes taking talented youngsters on loan.

In other news, Arsenal Youth have written a piece about the U-18s coming through and their great start to the season. Worth a read if you’re interested in that kind of thing.

A short one today then, mostly just gibberish used as filler. All the usual stuff then, follow me on twitter, ‘like’ us on facebook, check out the paper to keep up to date with the news and comment below.

Victoria Concordia Crescit – Victory Comes Through Harmony

Just wondering, where is his hair?


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  2. Joseph Yankey permalink

    it is good to be a gooner.young Jack will be back in 2 months.

  3. Well for me this was a good time to have a break, Arsenal can regroup and start a fresh get some wins under our belt and get the gears going, then we will be the unstoppable rock rolling down the hill

    • You’re right of course. After the United defeat, this interlull was needed. Having said that, I think the team was feeling refreshed after deadline day and if we were able to get a win that weekend, I feel we could have really kicked on and built up some momentum.

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