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Sam from 15yearoldgooner talks through the transfer window.

by on September 6, 2011
Greetings young Samuel.
As always, thank you for taking the time to do this.

Not a problem Willard old chap.

First things first then, the transfer window has finally closed! Looks like we’ll actually have to spend our time talking about football now. Onto the transfers then, it’s been a busy summer. We know about the players who’ve left, it’s the players who came in over the last week I would like to talk about.

Every time we reach an opinion on the left-back position, the club always does the opposite. Andre Santos has come in to presumably provide Gibbs with competition and provide insurance against his injury record. Good signing?
Yeah, I reckon so. I’ve not seen much of him but he’s undoubtedly experienced and I’m sure he’ll bring some quality our way. Gibbs is notoriously unreliable and also inexperienced so I think Andre Santos will be the perfect foil for him – I’d say he’ll be our starting left back until we begin to ease Gibbs back in. Definitely a wise move, not only for the present but for the future, as it will definitely help Gibbs’ development.

You could say that Santos is a typical Wenger signing, much like Park Chu-Young. The South Korean is something of an unknown quantity. What role do you expect him to play during the season? Will the issue of military service in a few years be a big problem?

I think he’ll probably be a bit of an impact substitute, also filling in whenever he’s needed, whether that’s up front or out wide. I think he’ll do quite well, and is a typical Wenger signing – if not typical of late, then typical of the early 2000s; the time when we won things, yay! Military service could well get in the way, but there are two ways things could work out for us – he either doesn’t go to military service and we keep him, or he does go and we have room for Bendtner, hopefully with the Dane having improved on loan at Sunderland, as long as he’s still here.

A few more well-known names came in as well. Let’s start with Yossi Benayoun on loan. Not a brilliant signing on it’s own, but a good addition to the squad (especially because we’re not paying a fee!)? I don’t know about you Sam, but I have to say that he’s a really good signing in my opinion. Surely questions remain about where this leaves the likes of Arshavin.

I’d say that’s a very fair assessment, in my eyes Yossi is a smart acquisition, especially for a loan deal. He’s quite an underrated player, because a couple of years ago he was very successful at Anfield. Here’s a fact for you – he’s the only player to score hat-tricks in the Premier League, Champions League and FA Cup! I think he’ll come in handy out wide as well as in the centre, providing some craft on the wing. Hopefully he’ll actually help get the best out of Arshavin, providing competition and a decent team-mate.

Per Mertesacker came in as well. This would appear to be one of those rare occasions where we disagree. Although the tall German does lack for pace, surely that can be counter-acted by the pace of those around him and his superb ability to read the game? For a centre-back that slow, conceding less than one foul per match is pretty impressive surely?

I hope so! I’ve always thought to be a centre back in Arsenal’s current line-up you absolutely must have some pace, so I’m surprised we went for Per – although we didn’t appear to have much choice. Others have been impressed with as you say his ability to read the game, which has settled my nerves about the big man, but I still have a few doubts about him. Hopefully he’ll prove me wrong and you right.

I almost forgot. We signed a Spanish midfielder as well. One Mikel Arteta? Didn’t hear much about that one, must have squeaked through at the last moment. Heard of him before? Think he’ll be any good?

Who? Oh, yes, that bloke. In all seriousness the idea of Arteta has grown on me over the past, well, 24 hours. He’s in his late twenties but that means he has experience – Premier League experience for that matter – and I think this represents a big challenge for him. He should fit in well here and I think the move will bring out the best in him.

In all seriousness though, surely the experience that these most recent signings add will only be great for the team? Not to mention the lift they’ll give the squad after what can only be described as a poor start to the season? Overall, what was your “favourite” (if that’s quantifiable) deal of the transfer window?

Yeah, definitely. They should add the vital (final?) ingredient of experience which I hope will go a long way in this team. The lift to the fans was key as well, so hopefully now we’re all pulling in the same, forwards direction. Arteta would probably be my favourite – the overseas trio of Park, Mertesacker and Andre Santos have pleasantly intrigued me more than anything. I’m not overjoyed with the window – satisfied would be the word. But that may well change either way as the season goes on.

A mention for those leaving as well. Joel Campbell, Henri Lansbury and Nicklas Bendtner are all going out on loan at different stages in their careers. What do you think the future holds for the three of them.

Joel Campbell’s future will be decided by one thing – hard work. It’s obvious he has the talent, but then so did Carlos Vela, and he’s still out on loan. He does seem to have an intelligent head on his shoulders and his feet on the ground, but I suppose we’ll see. I hope he can break into the Lorient side, and if he can then I think he’ll do well. Lansbury is probably done at Arsenal, I believe his contract is up at the end of next season anyway, so it’s more like an extended trial at West Ham. I’m a bit disappointed things haven’t worked out/probably aren’t going to work out, because he seems like a good kid, but just never seemed to have that something extra. As for Bendtner, I’m a big fan of his and I hope this loan to Sunderland will be what gets people to sit up and notice how good a player he actually is. He’s still young, so I hope and believe that he’s not yet finished at Arsenal.

We still have money to burn. Seeing as there was no massive ‘marquee signing’ in the summer, could you see one happening in January?

I think that wholly depends on how we do until then. If things go downhill and we’re in need of a big lift, I’d be surprised if we didn’t make a big signing to reinvigorate the squad. If we’re doing OK but have a little concern in some areas, then hopefully we’ll make an addition to improve on our position.

One final question, if you could name one player who you would have brought in that we didn’t, who would it be? Realistically of course.

Probably Jan Vertonghen from Ajax – he’s a centre back who can play in defensive midfield and at left back, so pretty much perfect. Or perhaps another midfielder instead of, or even as well as, Arteta. I’m a big fan of Yann M’Vila too, although he can’t provide the creativity that we so sorely needed.

As always Sam, it’s been a pleasure and you have can a massively bromantic hug as a reward.

Aww, thanks, means a lot.

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  1. Gooner Anthony permalink

    I think wenger shd have brought a world class striker

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