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6.5% increase justified, but we showed great mental strength…

by on August 29, 2011

Disgraceful. Disgusting. Humiliating. Shameful. Embarrassing. Woeful. Awful. Terrible. Shocking. Saddening. Despicable. Just some words that come to mind, yet they do not sum up the performance from yesterday.

The day started well. T*ttenham got thumped, at home, with their best team. Yes it was Man City, who really do look like the real deal this year. But still, it was funny. I was going to say I wasn’t lucky enough to get a ticket to Old Trafford, but thank fuck I didn’t get one. If you went, I genuinely feel sorry for you, although that is no consolation.

We have a bunch of players that quite frankly couldn’t give a fuck!! There were two or three players in my eyes that really gave it a go. Van Persie, who was pretty much stranded alone up front, with no support, and with no movement for him. Szczesny, who had no defence for a whole 90 minutes. He had to pick the ball out of his net eight times! Coquelin, who made his first team appearance for Arsenal, and was only one of the players who actually gave it some.

Arsene Wenger is going senile. A man who complained to UEFA for not being allowed to sit on the bench, did EXACTLY THAT in Manchester. Not once did the yearly scrooge get up from his arse to sort the mess out on the pitch. I am a fan of Wenger, I have always said it. But he really needs to get a fucking grip, because it is us that end up suffering. It is us that pay the highest prices in football. It is us that had to be handed a 6.5% increase on our season tickets, and yet the justification for that seemed to be an 8-2 punishment by a team that we all despise.

Funnily enough, it’s not even the score line that angers me the most. What upsets me the most is those poor fans that went and paid for their tickets, their travel, their accommodation, and yet went home deflated. Good on them for going. Good on them for going there, and even if it was just 1-0 or 2-0, they would have still sung for the Arsenal, to show their support. But those players yesterday let us down, and more importantly those fans that went. They won’t give a fuck. They will go to their luxury houses with their £50,000+ wage packets, and play Fifa on their playstations/ xbox’s, while munching on chicken from Nando’s. Not one of them would have had the gold-hearted thought of all chipping in from their massive wage packets, to pay back all those travelling fans for their expenses, because quite frankly that is what they should have done. Hell, they should even pay back every season ticket holder their 6.5% increase we had to fork out for this season.

I never slate a player, but Armand Traore is one of the worst players I have ever witnessed. Yesterday, I would have rather had no left back than put him there. He was shocking. He is a player that really has taken a place at Arsenal for granted. At one point, he was drawn to the centre of the park, and when the ball got played out to the wing of his position, he…and I cannot believe I am saying this…but he walked to the player. He didn’t run, he fucking walked! Un-fucking-believable! For Ashley Young’s first goal, and credit to him because it was some strike, but when the ball was played in the box prior to the goal, Traore had all season to do with the ball, and yet he wasn’t sure and headed it out of the box. If you are not sure mate, hoof the fucking thing. This guy has no intelligence what so ever. I have seen dad’s down the park with their kids give more effort in kicking a ball than Traore. Exaggeration? Not even close.

For the next game, Arsenal should make a competition where 11 lucky winners get to play the next competitive game. They may aswell, as they are clearly having a laugh from yesterday. But you know what, they wouldn’t do that, because those 11 lucky winners would have given some actual grit and determination than those players yesterday. They would have given every inch of fighting mentality and every drop of sweat to play for the club yesterday. That is what we needed. We needed the old school players who know what it takes to be an Arsenal player. Unfortunately those days have passed, and it doesn’t look like they will be returning any time soon.

This is the end of the post. I could talk about my thoughts of the Champions League Group. I could talk about the Samir Nasri move to Manchester City. I could talk about the lack of signings. I could talk about going to V Festival last weekend. But I won’t, because like those players from yesterday, I don’t give a fuck, and I can’t be arsed to.

See you Thursday.

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Poor, poor, Wojciech


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  1. The Arsenal Board are happy to take our money for tickets and merchandise but are not willing to spend some money on players. Time we started boycotting games until they start spending some money on players. You can help save our team by doing one of the following: Boycott future games until we spend 70 Million on new players or Bring a red card with you to the games! Lets show the red card to Wenger and the Board

  2. boyo permalink

    Love the idea of 11 fans playing we will lose 10-0 but hell Wenger will be pleased by the financial situation(no wages) and undoubtably we will get better and show mental strength

  3. boyo permalink

    Well played Savage looks like the board read this one. Arsenal set to pay for a future away game for the fans who traveled yesterday

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