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Are we signing Gergory Van Der Wiel??? There’s a match tomorrow as well.

by on August 27, 2011

Confident? I know I am. Maybe. I don’t know why, look at the squad I really don’t know why. The attack looks alright, but suggesting that the midfield is thread-bare would be something of an understatement. We have two first-team midfielders available in Aaron Ramsey and Tomas Rosicky. Theye’ve started to gel together so that could turn out alright. The problem is the third midfielder. No Alex Song. No Emmanuel Frimpong. We’re looking at the possibility of Francis Coquelin (making his Premier League debut?). He’s a good player, I don’t doubt that because I’ve championed him many times. He’s also just finished the U-20 world cup, so he could just as easily be rested.

That would leave a Johan Djourou in midfield. That’s not as worrying as it sounds, the midfield is where Djourou started his career and I think his nature as a centre-back makes him more suited to the role than most people. There are also doubts about Thomas Vermaelen and, to a lesser extent,  Laurent Koscielny. Even the full-backs are a bit of a puzzle. Bacary Sagna will play, I don’t know  with whom though. I get the feeling Carl Jenkinson might feature again, just because he’s so solid. He reminds me of a younger Bacary Sagna. Except white and without the flamboyant hair.

Line-up-wise then, we’re possibly looking at:






——————–Van Persie———————

For all the pre-match pressers and interviews and what not, have a look here. Arsene Wenger’s pre-match press conference is worth a watch.

I do get the feeling that it’s time for Oxo to make his debut. Maybe bring him off the bench at Old Trafford to show him off in front of the club that failed to sign him.

Martin Keown having a chat with Ruud.

A bit of transfer tittle-tattle then. First things first, the Cahill situation grows. The £6m figure widely reported yesterday, by myself as well as others, is wrong. It was still a low bid, with rumours of £6m cash, rising to £10m with add-ons and what nots. Gunnerblog has an interesting opinion on the situation. Give it a read. There’s also some interesting rumours going around. These are live as I’m writing this, Gregory Van Der Wiel is on a plane to London. Whether that’s for a move I don’t know. It could be to Spurs, but Ajax to Spurs is a bit of a step-down. It could be to Chelsea, but they’ve got a whole load of defenders. We have a full-back shortage and Van Der Wiel is good friends with Van Persie, he’s spoken about joining Arsenal before. Wait right there, I’ll go dig out a quote.

“RvP has told me many stories about the PL, Arsenal and Mr Wenger. Maybe he can put in a good word for me.”

Not a bad sign. He’s definitely travelling to London, he said that himself. Whether it’s for a transfer or to watch a West End musical I don’t know. This would be a typical Wenger signing though. Completely under the radar until it’s almost done. I don’t want to get hopes up, he could be going to Chelsea. He could fly onto Man City. He could just be visiting the Van Persie family. Ajax are already on a break for the interlull. Who knows? I’ll be hoping though.

In other news, Joel Campbell is awaiting a decision on his work permit situation. I hope he gets it, if only to add depth to the squad. He’s won a few caps and is a member of the national team, so he has a decent chance’. “50:50” is what’s he’s been told. The boss has spoken about signing another striker, regardless of whether Joel Campbell gets his work permit or not one would assume. Mainly because Nicklas Bendtner ‘will’ leave.

Finally, the boss spoke pre-match about signings and said he was targeting three players. He reckons that, while we have a good squad, the extra depth should help us compete with United. Good times. Nothing like competing to excite you.

Seeing as I’m in a good mood, have a watch of this. Classic goal. Footballing pornography as it were.

That’s all for today then peeps and peepettes. If you don’t already then please follow me on twitter @SavageGooner. It’s worth it. Possibly.

Be sure to comment peeps. What are your predictions for the match? Who do you think will score and just how important is Thomas Vermaelen for us to win?

Victoria Concordia Crescit – Victory Comes Throuch Harmony

He's still got it...


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  1. Dats it we will make it thru vanderwiel on his way 2 arsenal

  2. olumide permalink

    I think Arsenal board and Mr.Wenger itself is AFC’s problem because they already have solution to what is going in the club but just fucking decide not to rectify it.

  3. Dare aminu permalink

    Hi to all arsenal fan wont Aw to ply Tv in the midfild. God help arsenal.

    • Would be excellent to see TV in midfield, especially with his shooting boots! He’s needed in defense though, he’s the rock that will be holding it together!

  4. Doubt that Van Der Wiel will be making a move to Arsenal, can’t really see it. He’s a right back, and we’ve already got that spot filled with the excellent Sagna!
    Just hoping that we sign Cahill and a couple experienced/worldclass midfielders; again seems unlikely with Wenger not too keen on splashing the cash >.<

  5. Ls. Dante Cesir permalink

    Chelsea bound,Wenger isnt the type to spend “irrationally”

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