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Are Arsenal sinking faster than the Titanic?

by on August 18, 2011

Same shit, different day. That well-known phrase seems to sum up Arsenal Football Club lately. More on that later, but first I will briefly write my thoughts on the Udinese game on Tuesday evening.

Well, we won 1-0. Before you all get excited though, this isn’t really a great result. In fact, we were damn well lucky to win 1-0. Udinese were by far the better team, creating much more chances, particularly in the second half, and were very unfortunate not to grab an away goal…or two. The only goal of the game came in the opening four minutes, where Theo Walcott coolly put the ball in the goal after a great little cross from Aaron Ramsey. A perfect way to start the game, and that should have been the platform set for a game of total control and dominance over our Italian opponents. Instead from there, it was actually Udinese who looked more settled and in control, where as instead we decided to not give a toss for the remainder of the game. Udinese hit the bar in the first half from a brilliant free-kick, and played some decent football throughout. We made some opportunities in the first half, but apart from a superb save from Theo Walcott’s attempt in the second half, we were piss poor. We struggled to even get the ball out of our own half, and looked very shaky when passing the ball around the defensive side of the team.

This game…no sorry wait…this Champions League tie should have been done and dusted before even travelling to the Stadio Friuli next week. We should have took advantage of being at home, and put the tie to bed with a convincing win like 3-0 or 4-0. But we bottled it once again. We showed absolutely no creative edge, no aggression, nothing. We had no Robin van Persie or Samir Nasri, but that is not an excuse. If the players we currently have can’t match up to what is expected of them, well maybe they should join the ‘Arsenal-exodus’ and walk out the Emirates door. Am I being tough on them? No way fucking near enough. They got themselves in this position of having to qualify for this season’s Champions League, so they should have damn well made amends of having this tie wrapped up before the second leg.

We knew Udinese were going to be tough, but after watching them on Tuesday, I have real worries that we may just be playing Europa League this season. I don’t even want to think about the second leg right now.

It seems like each day that passes by, it just gets worse for Arsenal. I don’t know about you, but every day for the past two weeks, I wake up with a sick feeling in my stomach that I am going to hear more bad news about my club when I turn the television on in the morning. This summer has been shit. We’ve seen players leave, and yet we aren’t spending the money I should be. I know, it’s starting to get old, but it’s also becoming increasingly frustrating and infuriating.

This club looks to be heading towards the same iceberg which caused Titanic to be destroyed and plummet to the bottom of the sea. Bit drastic? No not really. I mean, does anything really sound drastic concerning Arsenal at the moment? We seem to be a club in turmoil lately, and it really is agonizing to watch.

We sold Cesc Fabregas to Barcelona. We all knew the day was going to happen eventually, but to accept less than our own valuation for him is just fucking disgusting. Why should we have to settle for less than £40million, just because Barcelona are too tight to put their hand in their pocket? Cesc was under contract for us, and still had three years to run. Arsene’s excuse was because there was only ever one team that wanted his signing, but if there had been more teams involved, then we would have got more for him. Sorry, that doesn’t make it alright. We should said to Barcelona it’s £40million or nothing. If they didn’t have the money, we should have then turned around to our ex-skipper and say “Unfortunately mate your boyhood club haven’t got the money, so you’re staying put. No if’s, no but’s. You signed a contract, and it’s your duty to finish that contract unless told otherwise.” But we didn’t, because we let Barcelona bully us into getting what they wanted.

With Samir Nasri is set to leave, Emmanuel Eboue already gone to Galatasaray, and Nicklas Bendtner admitting that he will leave this summer, there seems to be a Leeds United-like exodus at the club. Although those players were forced to leave Leeds United because of the club’s financial state, where as our players want to leave because of our mental state and undelivered success.

We have Liverpool on Saturday, and we have major issues with the current squad. Gervinho will be serving the start of a three-game ban after his red card at Newcastle. Kieran Gibbs and Johan Djourou are both doubts because of injuries picked up in the game against Udinese. Alex Song has been charged with a three-game ban after his stamp on Joey Barton last Saturday. Jack Wilshere still has an injury which may look like he will be forced to participate against Liverpool because we have no-one else to choose from.

There are thirteen, yes, THIRTEEN days until the transfer window closes, and it looks like we won’t sign anyone. I saw a website yesterday which was obviously made by some angry Gooner (, but is there absolutely any point to it? “Look guys, we’ve sung at Fulham, and we’ve sung at Newcastle, that Wenger should go out and buy some f*cking money. He’s not listening to us. Maybe if we make this website, he’ll eventually stop and have a think.” Behave. Such a pointless activity. Have a check if you like, but it’s not worth a look. If it was you who made that website and you are currently reading this, well I’m sorry to sound like a dick. We are all frustrated with the lack of spending in the transfer market, but that website is just a pathetic excuse to kill time.

Samir Nasri is one step closer to Manchester City after it was reported yesterday afternoon through the BBC that he was having a medical. He came out on Monday and criticised us for our chants about him at the game against Newcastle on Saturday:

“I heard what the fans were singing about me on Saturday and it is really disrespectful because I’m still an Arsenal player.”

10 goals and 1 assist last season, and you expect to be the highest paid player, and for the team to be evolved around you. I’m sorry, you’re the disrespectful one here. You my friend, are nothing but a worthless piece of shit. I would ask you if you could say hi to Adebayor for us, but his career has gone so far down the toilet since leaving us, he’s going to end up at T*ttenham.

So next up is Liverpool on Sunday. This same fixture last season was cruel. After RVP scoring a penalty in the eight minute of added time (due to Jamie Carragher’s injury), it seemed like we were to grab the three points in the most dramatic of ends. However, there was more, and in the 101st minute, Eboue decided to give Liverpool a penalty, which Dirk Kuyt scored, and finished the game 1-1. It was absolutely deflating, but I suppose you got used to it as an Arsenal supporter last season.

The red half of Merseyside drew their opening fixture of the new season, but again, another tough fixture. They will be up for this one, so we have to make sure we are too. Despite the lack of creating chances in the games against Newcastle and Udinese, I think this will be a game that will give the Arsenal players a well-needed kick up the backside. My prediction: Arsenal 2-1 Liverpool.

Unfortunately I am not going to the game on Saturday, as tomorrow I will be heading to Chelmsford for this year’s V Festival. Yes I am gutted I am not going to Arsenal’s first home league fixture of the season, but I paid £220 for my festival ticket, which isn’t exactly cheap. Yes, I could have sold it, but I am actually buzzing for this music festival, and unless it was a home game against T*ttenham, there’s no chance of me selling my festival ticket. This also means there won’t be a usual Monday post from me, so I will be back Thursday. Have a good weekend guys! Let’s hope we get three points!

With thirteen days left of the transfer window, who would you like to see us sign? What’s your predictions for the Liverpool game Saturday? Leave your comments below in the comments section.

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    Not a waste of time imo. It wants to raise awareness and it is.

  2. dickshay permalink

    Let’s hope there will be a “STAR” like Leonardo Di Caprio” for the RESCUE!

  3. Arsene wenger is a singin man & d money does not belong 2 him, i dont no y he do not went 2 spend it. I we only like him 2 get cahill,edin azard & a leftback tanks gooners 4 life

  4. cfdp76 permalink

    Q. Are Arsenal sinking faster than the Titanic?
    A. No. Stop panicking you idiot and support your team.

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