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Big atmosphere needed

by on August 16, 2011

Here we go. First home game of the season. Not the one we would have wanted, a Champions League qualifier rather than a match against one of the traditional ‘big four’. Having said that, we can’t take this match lightly. This Udinese side has the ability to hurt us, there’s no doubt about that. What’s the bigger worry though, our defence or our toothless attack?

Obviously we have no Van Persie in the squad which is quite a worry, as well as no Nasri, but that’s probably not so much of a worry. In terms of a line-up it’s an interesting one. Szczesny pretty much picks himself, unless Fabianski is given a run-out obviously. The defence should be pretty obvious as well. I would be surprised if it wasn’t Sagna, Vermaelen, Koscielny and Gibbs. The only change I could see would be Djourou coming in for Koscielny, apparently Koscielny had a ‘slight tightness of the leg’. Gibbs is pretty much definite given that Traore picked up a knock last night with the reserves while I get the feeling Jenkinson’s debut may come against a less dangerous side.

The midfield is trickier. Song will no doubt play and we’ll probably expect to see Ramsey as well. Rosicky faces a late fitness test. Worryingly, we’ll have Frimpong or Lansbury playing if he doesn’t pass it. Those players would compliment Rosicky better, but that’s a severe lack of depth given the games we have this month. Up front, the question of Chamakh or Bendtner is around. Yes, Nicklas Bendtner. I would be happy if he played. Even happier if he stayed. Out wide, Walcott and Gervinho maybe? Or Arshavin, but I’m assuming Walcott is now fully fit. As you can tell, it’s all a bit up in the air. That kind of tells you where our club is at really, everyone’s doing stuff and we are as well, we just don’t know what.

To add to the confusion, Arsene Wenger will be serving a touchline ban for expressing his opinion. He’s said he’ll respect the ban. That’s good to hear, but I didn’t really think he had much of a choice… It’s not like he’ll parachute down into the technical area five minutes in without anyone noticing. He spoke to the press before the match and you can watch the video of that presser right here.

It’ll certainly be interesting to note the atmosphere this evening. Luckily, I’ll be going so I’ll be able to tell you all about it in tomorrow’s match report. ;)

In other news then Jamie Edge, who was released by the club during the summer, has joined West Brom. The reserves also won 2-1 last night at home to Man Utd with strong line-ups from both sides, Arsenal fielding Traore, Afobe and Mannone. Also, the official Arsenal site have actually done an interesting post for once! It’s about coming through from the youth team to the first team. As I said, it’s actually something interesting. What a shocker.

One last thing then, the deal to take Eboue to Turkey is 99% complete according to just about everyone. It’s a shame, I know he was at times a shite player when we wanted a good one, but there were many times as well when he was top class. Against Barca last year, he was excellent. My favourite memory though? This. When you have a player who attends any reserve or youth team match he can, simply because he wants the players to do well and the club to have good youngsters, that’s brilliant. Really, such a great guy. It’s just a shame he never had the composure or mentality to fill in at right-back for long stretches.

That’s all for today then folks. As always, follow me on twitter @SavageGooner for random gibberish.

Be sure to let me know what you think about tonights match. What would your line-up be like? What do you think the score will be? Is Jenkinson ready to replace Eboue?

Until tomorrow tweeps.


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  1. Mike babs permalink

    I agree about eboue he was a great person around the club as he cheered people up and helped with team spirit but he could be such a liability on the field. His wages were just too high for a court jester. I think jenkinson will be a good signing with less cock ups than eboue even as the young player he is now, he seems level headed and loves the club. They need to make some signings now as the squad is looking rather thin and a bit heavy with quick, young, tricky wingers. Keep up the good work and come on you arsenal

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