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Wenger, Sagna, Ramsey and… Gary Neville?

by on August 15, 2011

“So they haven’t won a trophy for six years? Well, Manchester United went 26 years without winning the league, Liverpool have now gone 21 years without the title and Manchester City went 35 years without winning a trophy. Tottenham have gone 50 years without winning the league.” Brilliant punditry by… Gary Neville. Maybe we should have given him a chance first. In all honesty, that’s a pretty epic quote for someone of Neville’s… Well, you know. Not a bad place to start either.

Obviously, we’re hoping it won’t reach seven years this season, but a 0-0 draw at Newcastle wasn’t the super start we were all hoping for. If you haven’t already done so then you can see our match report here, as well as video highlights and all the post-match reaction. Here’s a transcript of Wenger’s post-match presser if you don’t like watching videos of Frenchmen. As always, Arsenal Report have done a top quality match report about what went right and what went wrong.

Naturally there’s been all kinds of fall-out. Most people seem to have been pleased with the defensive performance. It wasn’t one of those scrappy ones where we were lucky not to concede goals, there weren’t even any real heart-in-mouth moments. Not that I’ve ever actually had my heart in my mouth. In terms of official reaction, most people seemed happy with the performance with Bacary Sagna pleased with the spirit shown by the side. Aaron Ramsey was pleased with the overall performance as well, if not by the end result.

“I thought we performed well, defended well and looked solid from set-pieces,” he told “We created chances as well but just didn’t take those opportunities.

“All in all, we are very pleased with our performance today. Especially when we went down to ten men, it was good to get a point out of the game in the end.

“The players adapted well to going down to ten men and we even created one or two chances at the end. We are pleased with the result. “

Wenger himself  has spoken about the improved solidity of the team, stating that more solid performances will be the best way to start the year. He’s also spoken about potential signings saying that it’s important to judge them on their quality as players rather than their price-tags.

“We have all our scouts all over the world and we look everywhere,” he added. “We are not scared to spend money if we find the right player. But spending money is not the right target in itself. We want to find the right player and whether it is for £2 million or £20 million we will do it.”

That brings me onto another point. The whole ‘Spend some f*cking money’ lark. What’s the point? Really? The people chanting that at Newcastle would say that Wenger is too stubborn to buy a defender, when clearly it’s out attack that needed strengthening. How would spending money have helped? That’s not to say they don’t have the right to voice themselves. They do. Voltaire once said ‘I may disagree with what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it’. That pretty much sums it up, while they’re being idiotic in this case, they have the right to be idiotic. Unfortunately.

In other news, the deal to sign Joel Campbell will see us set up a partnership with his former club, Saprissa due to their impressive youth set-up.  Shaktar Donetsk have also confirmed that we’re interested in Jadson and Theo reveals that he finds Fabio Capello scary.The Ladies beat Doncaster 3-0, two wins in their final two games and the inaugural WSL title is theirs. I think.The Reserves are also set to play tonight. Those of you who know me well, have read this for a while of have simple read my twitter bio will know that I support Crewe Alexandra as well as Arsenal, so I was delighted to hear Dario Gradi, the Crewe boss, speak about how he was planning on taking a youngster, probably a left-back, on loan. Crewe play the same way, the same formation, with one of the best academies in the country. Hence their name, the Arsenal of the lower leagues. Obviously this is still in the formulatory stages, but I would love to see an Arsenal youngster wearing the Crewe shirt.

Before I go, we’ve sold some guy apparently? Wenger just did his pre-match presser so I’ll be back tomorrow with a video for that (hopefully) and injury news for a preview. In the meantime, be sure to follow me on twitter @SavageGooner.

Also, use the comments box to let me know. Where would you like us to sign players? Who do you think we should sign? Are Vermaelen and Koscielny a good enough partnership?


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  1. Patrick permalink

    To be honest with you, I dont think that it is defending set pieces against Newcastle that was our main debacle. So these other clubs did not win any title for x number of years .. were they charging their fans the highest gates in modern football for the pleasure? Were they always flogging their best players to the highest biders? Were they always lying to their fans about investmnt and transfers? I bet not!!

    • I’m not defending the club, I just found it interesting that Gary Neville of all people would defend our club.

  2. Patrick permalink

    It used to be said that you get what you pay for. In the case of Arsenal you get less and less year on year for paying more and more!

  3. crusifix permalink

    honestly i av neva had anythin against kos buh i feel a djourou/Samba partnership will b terrific and vermalene should b shifted to left back imagine hw imprived our backline wil b.kos could always play in FA and fringe competions or wen there’s an injury imo

  4. abdulwahab permalink

    While life is all about that,some will over look their problem but try to sees another person problem. Up gunners we’re 100% with you.

  5. Levi permalink

    thank you gary…….

  6. Arse&All permalink

    The media started putting pressure on Arsenal And Wenger, when if you’re a neutral, you should be admiring his work. He cleaned- up the club’s finance, making it the healthiest football club on the planet, built a beautiful stadium, invested in a fantastic academy, produce the best talents the premiership has seen, put in place the most attractive style of play in the league, qualified 14 times in a row to the Champions league, never finished below 4th … The list is long.
    People nowadays want results before anything. They expect the earth as if they deserve it. Lower your expectation, enjoy your team, support them and in 10 years from now, let see which clubs remain at the top.

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