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A bore draw, Barton shows his class, Cesc no more

by on August 15, 2011

I had an absolutely terrible hangover from Newcastle. Drinking from 7am, shit result, and taking someone’s ordered cab at 3.30am. I know, that’s really bad! Sorry if that was yours. No hard feelings! I had no sleep from 4am Saturday morning, till 11pm yesterday evening. What can I say, sleep is for the weak!

So before I talk all bollocks about Cesc, let’s talk about our first game of the season. Now on Thursday I said a draw wouldn’t have been too bad of a result, but after dominating large periods of the game, I’m left disappointed. I know, possession doesn’t win you matches. But when you play some really good football, just to have no fucking end product, is so frustrating! Absolutely no killer instinct at all. Gervinho looked sharp in the first half, but every time he got to that big white box, he didn’t have a fucking clue what to do. When he should have had a go, he attempted to pass, and vice versa. To top it all off, the man got sent off, after guess who…Joey the c*nt Barton…was again involved with an Arsenal sending off at St. James Park:

“He’s actually struck me in the face, and my issue is, if I don’t go down, and it’s clear the officials didn’t see what went on exactly. If I don’t go down and he doesn’t get sent off, I’m making my own team suffer.”

Who the fuck are you mate? So you had the nerve to call Gervinho a cheat because you felt he dived (which he then withdraw that claim after admitting there was contact between Gervinho and Tiote), yet you made a fucking meal out of the ‘slap’ so you could get a man sent off? A little bit hypocritical in my eyes. Yes he shouldn’t have raised his hands, but if you could manage to stay on the pitch after a silly stamp by Alex Song earlier in the game, then you had absolutely no reason to fall on the floor like a sack of shit when touched by Gervinho. Get your priorities right. You can’t even make your national team because you’re too much of a liability. You weren’t even in the fucking game until that decision, so don’t even talk about deserving a point. Don’t like my opinion? Go tweet about it…mug.

Anyways, back to the game. There was no creativity, no thought, nothing. Our best area was the defence, which ironically is the area we are moaning to strengthen. To be honest, we didn’t have much to do at the back, but when Newcastle got the ball forward, we dealt with it quickly and sensibly. We bossed the midfield, but there was no little clever ball to open their defence, or any real threat to their goalkeeper.

The two players I thought were brilliant though was Rosicky and Koscielny. Tomas Rosicky looked so relaxed on the ball, and looked like the player he first was when we signed him. Laurent Koscielny was so composed. He never looked nervous. I’ve always said since the day we signed him that he has the potential to be a great player for us. He is still young (like most of our squad), and still learning, so hopefully he can maintain the same level.

A poor match in all though, and that’s why it’s frustrating. We have a very tough few weeks ahead, with Liverpool, Man Utd, and Udinese (twice). If we don’t get creating, these teams will punish us.

Towards the end of the game came some very strong chants from the Arsenal faithful towards Arsene Wenger:

“Spend some f*cking money! Spend some f*cking money!”

Personally, I didn’t join in. But can you blame those that did? We pay the highest prices for our tickets, so we are entitled to voice our views. When you’re selling Cesc and Nasri, arguably two of our most influential players, the last thing you want is to spend the money on some 19 year old from Costa Rica. *By the way, welcome to the club Joey Campbell*. Where’s the ambition in that? No offence to Campbell, but we should be looking at well known players who will fill in the gaps left by Cesc and Samir. Someone like Mata. But Wenger won’t, and he has said that.

I’m starting to worry for his health. I’ve always backed Wenger, especially with the Arsene-haters out there. But maybe he is starting to go a little bit senile. I hate to say it, but I think this is his make-or-break season. If he doesn’t deliver any sort of silverware, then time may be called on his reign at the club. It’s sad to say, but unfortunately when we pay the highest prices in football, we deserve more than adding ‘the next big thing’ to the Arsenal Crèche.

So Cesc should be gone by today. He is currently in Barcelona having medicals, but by the time this post goes out, he may have already been confirmed as another dirty scummy litt…sorry, I mean Barcelona player. A shame, but we knew this day was coming eventually. He’s always expressed his desire to go back home, so you can’t fault him for that. What I will fault is his attitude this summer. Some of you may say he stayed quiet in respect towards us. Sorry, but that’s utter bollocks. If he really had respect for us, he would have come out and said ‘I want to stay/I want to go’, rather than saying rubbish that makes it look like he wants a move to happen without actually saying it. It’s a huge shame Cesc never got to cement his name as a legend at the club, because he could have been one of the greats. Unfortunately, when you don’t really win anything in your eight year career at the club, especially as a captain, you can’t be regarded as one of the Arsenal hall of famer’s. Still, good luck for the future. Hopefully you won’t necessarily be warming the bench week in week out.

My favourite Cesc moment had to be when we beat the scum 3-0 in the 09/10 season. RVP had just scored, and within seconds of the restart, Cesc ran through the middle of the T*ttenham team, and put it in the back of the net, followed by a beautiful sliding celebration towards the Gooner faithful. Magnificent!

As for Samir, well, I think we all share the same view on that greedy little fuck. Accept any bid for him and show him the exit door. He puts in four good months of football, and suddenly gets the belief that he is the greatest thing to have graced the sport. No mate, it doesn’t work like that. You aren’t worthy of being an Arsenal player. Good riddance!

Tomorrow we play Udinese in the first leg of the Champions League Qualifier. No doubt it won’t be easy, but hopefully we make the most out of the home advantage. I’m predicting a 3-0 win to the Arsenal.

I’ll be back Thursday. Have a good few days Gooners.

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