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Return to St. James Park, Cesc deal close, Two more signings!

by on August 11, 2011

JUST TWO MORE DAYS! That’s right, the new Premier League football season kicks off on Saturday. What a boring summer it’s been, but now the wait is nearly over!

Our fixture is at Newcastle, where one of the most memorable Premier League matches in history took place last season between the two teams. Arsenal were 4-0 up and cruising by half-time, only for us to throw it all away in the next 45 minutes, and allow Newcastle to finish the game 4-4. For any neutral fan, it was a mouth-watering spectacle to watch. For any Newcastle fan, it was a night of ecstasy to watch their team defy all odds, and stage an unbelievable comeback from four goals down to level the game. For any Arsenal fan, it was humiliating, embarrassing, frustrating, excruciating, well…you get the idea.

For me, that weekend was supposed to one of the best nights out. Me and a friend had already planned to go to the game as soon as the fixtures were announced, but another mate of mine decided to have his birthday celebrations in Newcastle on the same weekend, so it was an extra bonus for us to not only go to the match, but to have a piss-up with all our other friends after. I remember saying to my mate at the interval, whilst getting our half-time beers and cheering to every replay of Arsenal‘s four goals from the first-half, “Best weekend ever!”. How the next 45 minutes proved me very wrong. At the end of the game, like every other Arsenal fan, I was distraught. I was a beaten man. The fact I had to see my other friends in the evening just made everything sour. Some were Chelsea or Newcastle fans, and some were just neutral. We had probably been to more Chelsea and Newcastle games than them in their lifetime, but regardless, we knew they would take the piss out of us. You can’t blame them, we would have done the same if we were in their shoes, but unfortunately it angers you more when you’ve just witnessed one of the worst collapses by your own team.

So of course we had to face them first for the new season ahead. It’s a chance to put everything right. A chance to erase the painful memory of what we had all witnessed on that afternoon. For those first 45minutes in the same fixture last season, it was probably the best football I had ever seen Arsenal play. We were unstoppable. Now we need to do the same again. We need to put the home team straight on the back foot. We need to harass their players every time they get the ball. Of course, it won’t be easy. Newcastle are a good team. They will be up for the first game of the new campaign, and they will have 40-odd-thousand fans will be behind them, erupting St. James Park with their voices to intimidate our side. However, let’s not forget that there will be a few thousand of us too who will behind our club, so we shouldn’t let the Newcastle faithful phase us. With such a poor pre-season, Arsenal need to realise that from this Saturday until the near end of May, there is no room for complacency. Arsenal need to show the spirit and fight that we haven’t really seen from them for quite a few months now.

I’m slightly nervous to be honest, but then I always am when we play our first game of the season away. But I am hoping that my nerves are just a pure case of paranoia, especially after last season’s same fixture. A win would boost this team for the campaign ahead. A draw wouldn’t be a bad result either to be honest, just as long as we don’t throw away another lead, particularly if it’s four goals to the good!

I’m predicting: Arsenal 2-1 Newcastle. First goalscorer: Andrey Arshavin.

Marouane Chamakh has said in The Times that he believes both Cesc Fabregas and Samir Nasri will leave this summer:

“I think Cesc and Nasri will probably leave the club. I do not believe that the money available for these two players is really the crux of the problem. I just think the manager wants to find reliable replacements.”

Doesn’t sound too good when one of your own players has come out to say that about two of your prized assets. Although I don’t think anyone would be surprised if either of these two left this year, what with the ongoing speculation surrounding both of them this summer. Infact, there are several reports today that Cesc Fabregas could be gone by this weekend. Apparently Arsenal are reluctantly accepting a bid in the region of £33million from Barcelona. What a way to be stubborn about that £40million asking price then eh? We shouldn’t have to accept anything lower than our valuation of Cesc. Let’s not forget, he is still under contract, which means he is our player. We should not be fucking bullied in accepting piss-poor offers just because the season is about to start. It’s bollocks.

Nicklas Bendtner has confirmed he will leave the club before this current transfer window closes:

“Yes. I have done my part as well as I can and it’s up to Arsenal now to sort it out, I can’t do anything more. I would like to play at a place where you are happy and play every week, that is the most important thing for any football player and hopefully that will happen soon.”

I’ve said before, I am an admirer of Bendtner, and I will be disappointed to see him leave. I know a lot of you will disagree, and you are entitled to your own views. But in my opinion he has been made the scapegoat to a lot of Arsenal’s problems. I’ll agree, he isn’t the best striker in the world, but at least he worked hard for this club. He was played out of position last year, so excuse him for not performing to the best of his ability. I would rather have Bendtner than Vela or Chamakh, because at least you have more chance of getting a goal. Regardless, good luck in the future Nicklas, I hope you can silence your haters wherever you end up playing. Just don’t haunt my club.

This week we’ve signed Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain from Southampton. Eventually he joined the club after continuous links, so welcome aboard. I may be a bit sceptical here, but did we really need to sign him before looking to strengthen the areas we are struggling in, i.e. the defence. Before spending £12-15million on a 17-year old, we should have been using that money to be buying a certain Gary Cahill or Chris Samba. Still, it’ll be exciting to see Alex in an Arsenal shirt.

Ryo Miyaichi has been granted a work permit. Excellent news for the Arsenal! Another signing for the club, and I am very excited about seeing him play this season.

What are your predictions on the game against Newcastle? Let me know in the comments section below.

I’m buzzing for Newcastle now! Despite I have to get my train at 6.20am on Saturday to the North. Enjoy your weekend Gooners. Hopefully we get the first 3 points of the season. Come on the Arsenal!!

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  1. RmanGoon permalink

    Nice story. Miyachi looks like a younger Ronaldo! Lets hope he breaks through as well as Chamberlian and Ramsey. Ten we wont need Samir, wouldnt say no to Cesc though!

  2. Qudzy permalink

    Arsenal 3 – 1 Newcastle

  3. Gunner Quadri Adebayo permalink

    Newcastle 0 – Arsenal 3

  4. Gunner Quadri Adebayo permalink

    Wenger should pay 4 MATA

  5. arsena permalink

    well i wud like 2 share some words on bendtner….
    well dis guy wazz grate 2 watch….his playin-quite admirable…his confidence – grate!!!
    rem da knock out match barca-arsnl…after da score 2-1 …his attitude excellent waz like a champion…. i laugh wen i c dis guy – kinda pose….but it’s grate…i hp he remains a gooner for time to come wid his favourable position…….

  6. Get Samba, pay for Mata and we’re in business. Check this line up 4 NC;
    Sagna Samba Vermalen Gibbs Song Frimpong
    Walcot Van Persie Mata

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