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One photo only Cesc, No Mata now, No Barton ever

by on August 4, 2011

So today’s the day. Nope sorry, we haven’t signed Juan Mata, or anyone for that matter. No, its’ Members Day at Arsenal. I know, not that exhilarating to be completely honest with you. Although there is one thing that overshadows today, and that is Cesc Fabregas and this season’s team pictures. Various reports from this week have suggested that Arsenal are looking to take two separate photographs. One with Cesc wearing the captain armband, and another picture without Cesc Fabregas where Robin Van Persie will be posing as skipper. Well, what a load of bollocks that is. Arsenal will take one shot (that is if Emmanuel Eboue isn’t fucking about with his clown-like behaviour), and that will be with Fabregas wearing the armband. Whether he will be here for the forthcoming season or not is a unknown, but Arsenal will not want to take one without him. If that’s the case, we’ve pretty much accepted defeat and may aswell have taken the insulting offer of £27million. Also, if Arsenal took a photo without Cesc, then they may aswell take one without Samir Nasri aswell. And Nicklas Bendtner. And anyone else who decides that they do not want to play for the club anymore. It may aswell be a photograph of Arsene Wenger swimming in a pool of his transfer money which he has yet to really spend this summer. So don’t worry people, there will be one photo and one only.

Although to be honest, I hope we get rid of Cesc now. I don’t want this Fabregas-Barcelona saga continuing to the end of transfer window, and carried onto the next. There are rumours that Barcelona are looking to offer between £35-37million for Fabregas, with Cesc himself taking a £5million pay-cut. I can’t bring myself to believe that. Cesc would not take a decrease in his salary to sit on a bench, and Barcelona can’t even say £37million, let alone make an offer for their “stolen boy-wonder”. If it does turn out to be true, then I hope Arsenal accept it. Get rid of him now, he’s getting on my nerves with his “hamstring injury”, and lack of balls to stand up and admit he wants to go.

So a deal for Juan Mata to Arsenal is off according to the player’s father. I’ve heard his release clause expired and now has been bumped up from Valencia to the region of around £65million. Which means we definitely will not sign him now. Not being funny here, but Valencia have shot themselves in the foot in a way. I mean, they are £500million or more in debt, so £20million or near about would benefit them in reducing their costs. No-one is going to offer £65million for Mata. Not a chance. It doesn’t mean a club can’t offer £30million and have their bid accepted. But it seems unlikely that any club will now step up any interest in the player, at least for this summer.

Arsenal had a bid rejected for Phil Jagielka, and according to Sky Sports sources, Everton are holding out for £20million. Arsene, that is a warning for you to get the fuck out of there and go for Cahill or Samba. Jagielka is not worth £20million. We can surely get Cahill for a few million quid less, and for me he is the better player anyway. We could get Samba for even cheaper, and that would really rub salt into the wounds of the shite down the road., who have declared their interest in the player.

Count ourselves lucky though Gooners, at least we’re not as much of as a circus at the moment compared to our first opponents of the upcoming season. Joey Barton and Newcastle have been in a war of words, where at one point Barton has claimed that the £35million received from the Andy Carroll transfer has been spent on new showers. Maybe that 6.5% season ticket price increase we had to fork out has gone on new showers in our dressing room too.

This feud between player and club has resulted in releasing Joey Barton, and he will be allowed to leave the club for free. Of course a story like this spreads like a wildfire, and transfer links to various clubs start to arise. One club being linked with this Barton is, of course, Arsenal. Not a chance. He may bring some bottle and fight into our game, but we don’t want his sort representing the famous red and white shirt. He is not Arsenal material. He is a disgrace who should be banned from the game that we all love. He would tarnish the reputation of this club, and he is a player I could simply not imagine playing for our club. So media, please, away with your bullshit transfer gossip.

Just over a week now until the first game of the new season. Exciting stuff. Before that, a pre-season game against Benfica. One last chance to give away a lead in a match before we start competitively.

Finally, if you didn’t check out Will’s post from yesterday, then please click here. Good stuff as always.

I’ll be back Monday. Have a good weekend Gooners.

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  1. This doesn’t mean anything to us wenger,you have to be vigilant to the feature of this club sign new faces if you want the club to achieve there aims.

  2. Frank chikezie permalink

    Wat ever am jst tired of evrythng about arsenal

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