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Where’s our Mata money gone and a few rumours on top

by on August 2, 2011

First things first then, this is obviously my first post since the Emirates Cup. I won’t be doing match reports so if you’re looking for a match report for either match then I would heartily recommend 15yearoldgooner’s match reports for the draw against Boca Juniors and Sunday’s match against New York. Naturally, I would also recommend Arsenal Report for the best tactical analysis of the matches. I don’t want to linger on it but there are a few points I’d like to make; it was great to see Thierry back in North London, he’s still got a few tricks up his sleeve it would seem. Secondly, why the hell would you boo the team off? Maybe I misunderstand, but this isn’t a competitive game, there’s nothing hinging on what is essentially a fast-paced workout. Yes, admittedly if that kind of result happened in the season questions would need to be asked, but to me it just seems stupid. Then again, some members of the ‘Arsene out Brigade’ are a few seats short of an Emirates, it’s not that hard to notice. For highlights, interviews, reactions, all that kind of shnizzle, be sure to check out CescyFabGooner’s rutube channel.

Disheartening news yesterday as all kinds of claims were made about the Mata to Arsenal move with clauses not being met, deadlines being missed and banks not being open on Sunday’s. Maybe that last one is believable. I think it’s all a load of gibberish to be honest and Mata Sr. confirmed that half the journos know less than they let on by making a statement on Monday evening

“Valencia simply rejected their offer. After some hesitation they answered ‘no’ to the Gunners’ offer.

“So my son remains a Valencia player, for now. But I don’t think it’s their last offer.

“There are several offers for Mata and I think that Arsenal will come forward again. The situation is still evolving.”

The general consensus seems to be that Mata is still more than possible with Tottenham being highly unlikely and Inter being our only real rivals for his signature. The news from Mata Sr. appears to suggest that all parties are waiting to see what happens with the Fabregas saga. In my opinion it’s really dragging on and I feel that the team photo on Thrusday could give us an indication one way or the other as to where he’s likely to be next season. As I’ve said for something like the 93rd time this summer, I suppose we’ll just have to wait and see.

After travelling to Germany with the first team squad, Benik Afobe went one step further during the weekend as he played the majority of the match against the New York Red Bulls and didn’t look too shabby. He’s been speaking about his delight at making his debut at home during the Emirates Cup. Here’s a video of his performance during the match. He got his chance after Jack Wilshere walked off only a few minutes into the match as a precaution. Wilshere is due to have a scan on what looks like just inflammation but looks like he could miss out on the friendly against Benfica and England’s friendly against Holland.

Arsene Wenger has also been talking about what makes up Arsenal’s pre-season and how he likes smaller tippy-tappy players with more technique. Speaking of which, some journos actually thought we could be after Joey Barton after he was released yesterday by Newcastle. Doubt it. Also, did you know that we have the most expensive pies in English football? I hope they’re worth it.

A few rumours floating around then. Let’s start with the bastion of veracity that is The Sun, who reckon that City are ready to offer £22m for Samir Nasri. Honestly, I say sell him and buy Mata. Just do it. Having said that, we don’t even know if it’s true, unless they’ve hacked someone’s phone. The Torygraph agrees with what I said earlier, suggesting that a move for Mata could be decided upon after the Cesc saga is sorted. The last thing is the Mirror saying that Nicklas Bendtner could be off to Stoke City for £9m. I would surprised if he values himself so lowly and equally surprised of Stoke could pay him. Let’s be honest, Nick isn’t a bad player and he’s guaranteed to score goals and he can do a hell of a lot better than Stoke.

Two other pieces of my opinion before I finish for today then. Firstly, I thought that Kyle Bartley looked assured in defence yesterday and obviously the own goal wasn’t his fault, anyone on twitter may have noticed I have been very vociferous in my support of the youngster and I will carry on being so. Secondly, the tweets of our young midfielder Emmanuel Frimpong. I think he’s a decent player, good physically but probably with room to improve as a player and I’ve said before I would love to see Francis Coquelin get similar chances. That’s not what I’m hear to mini-rant about though. @MsHighbury brought to my attention a particular tweet,  in which the player spoke about going to get some ‘white meat’. It could well be that he was simply shopping for poultry, but I think we all know that he meant he was talking about white girls. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t suppose we can expect every player’s twitter account to be as eloquent as Conor Henderson’s, but it’s just disappointing to see a player from a club as classy as ours use phrases like that. The sooner he remembers that his twitter account represents the club as well as himself the better in my opinion.

Mini-rant over then. If you haven’t already done so, then you may want to check out Nick’s post from yesterday ‘Arsenal give away leads again, Booing is ridiculous‘. That’s it for today tweeps. If you don’t already then be sure to follow me @SavageGooner on twitter. Until the morrow. Or whenever.


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