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Arsenal give away leads again, Booing is ridiculous

by on August 1, 2011

Well it seems Arsenal are still stuck in the time-warp of last season, and gave away leads in both matches over the weekend. First of all we faced Boca Juniors, where the Argentinean side came from two goals down to finish the match at 2-2. Yesterday we went a goal up before Bartley put the ball into our own net and gave New York Red Bulls the draw which earned them the Emirates Cup. Silly defensive mistakes, and not finishing the chances we created, has given me little hope for the season ahead.

I mean honestly, what is it with Arsenal not being able to hold onto a lead? You can say, “But it’s only a friendly, relax.” No I will not relax. If we can’t even kill teams off in a friendly on our home turf, what chance do we have? Arsene Wenger needs to be adding to the defensive side of the squad, which to me should be prioritised before adding to the attacking department. Don’t get me wrong, I am glad we have signed Gervinho as he really looks like he’ll be a top signing. However, Wenger needs to get those defenders in. We need a left back after the departure of Gael Clichy, and we need at least one, if not two, centre backs. There’s less than two weeks now before the Premiership kicks off, so let’s get busy in the transfer market.

I don’t agree with the booing yesterday though. I know it may have been our only realistic chance of silverware this year (as it seems to be every year), but that’s beside the point. This team needs our support, through good and bad. You booing them, especially in a pre-season friendly, will only make their heads drop further before the first game kicks off.

I have read some comments in other blog posts around the internet, some quoted such as “Keep booing until Wenger is out”. Now to the people that write that kind of nonsense, you really are fucking idiots. We are all frustrated with the team lately, but showing such total disrespect for a man who has done far too much for our club is disgusting behaviour. I bet you weren’t calling for Wenger’s head when we went a whole season unbeaten. I bet you weren’t calling for Wenger’s head when he lead us to a Champions League final. Being a supporter means being behind the team through the good and bad. You support your team whether you win, lose, or draw. If you want to start calling for the sacking of a manager because it isn’t going the way you want, please do us all a favour, fuck off and support Chelsea. They are always looking for glory hunting dickheads to support their team.

Cesc Fabregas didn’t play on the weekend because of his ‘hamstring injury’, which was caused by his attitude of ‘I don’t want to be here anymore, yet I haven’t got the cojones to say it in public’. I am hoping Barcelona cough up the £40million for him, because he needs to go now. If his head and heart isn’t here, it isn’t worth keeping him. When he eventually goes, Thomas Vermaelen needs to be captain. Restore the honour back into the armband, and don’t use it as a perk for Samir Nasri to consider his future.

On a positive note, how brilliant was it to see Thierry Henry back home? The king was back, and what a warm welcome he received from the crowd. It was inevitable that was going to happen, just like it did when he came back as a Barcelona player. However it was nice to see the enormous amount of appreciation to a man loved and respected by every Gooner. Shame he has to go back to the USA.

I’ve seen a few rumours on Twitter that according to some reports in the Spanish media, we are closing in on a deal to sign Juan Mata from Valencia in the region of £19million. The Spanish media are normally trustworthy, so I hope it’s another example of just that. Hopefully we’ll see Mata in an Arsenal shirt soon. Maybe even in another record-breaking ‘48 hours’.

Right, I will be back on Thursday. Keep an eye out for Will’s posts this week. Have a good few days.

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  1. max permalink

    Oh! you shutup….blah blah! wenger is not doing what he should do! he doesnot do what he say… He doesnt listen to the fans…. He is just a stubborn prof. And out of date manager….. Why fab and nasri want to go? for trophy but what wenger has done in summer that make us winner??

  2. Gooner-Llama permalink

    Of course I agree he needs to sign, but calling for Wenger’s head is disrespectful. If we win anything this year, please don’t be the fickle fan who sings ‘there’s only one Arsene Wenger’. You will look silly.

  3. Davi permalink

    “If we can’t even kill teams off in a friendly on our home turf, what chance do we have?”

    Are we really so desperate to “kill teams off in a friendly on our home turf” though? Do you not think we would be more willing to do so in competitive games? PLayers were trying harder to impress, I think, and the actual score was of less significance.
    We had made tonnes of switches, with a youngster brought into the back line, and we lost our shape a little. I agree it’s a worrying trend to be giving away leads, but I don’t think it necessarily reflects on competitive games.
    I actually think this sort of poor preseason will take the pressure off when the season starts. We’ll be written off yet again, which isn’t actually a bad position to be in.

    I also agree on the booing. If we’d let that lead go in a competitive game, I wouldn’t really agree with booing, but, whatever; if people feel that way, who am I to say what they should do. But ffs, it was a friendly where we were testing players out and getting them up to speed fitness-wise.

    Really hope we get Mata in as I think he would be a very big player for us, bigger than Nasri because he is more direct and quicker, whilst possessing the same technical level and creativity Samir has. I think we could then let both Nasri AND Fabregas go, and it wouldn’t hurt us too much, although I’d like to see another bigger, more powerful CM come in. With Frimpong looking so good, diaby improving all the time, and the hard working and talented CMs lansbury and coquelin, we could well have the cover in the squad already to partner song in the middle.

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