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JET jets off, Enrique in a spot of bother, All of Henry’s goals and Ian Wright the actor?

by on July 26, 2011

It’s official then! Basically. JET is set to agree terms with Ipswich in what is set to be a £1.1m move. A bit of a risk for Ipswich, while the ‘silks’ and ‘tekkers’ are there (I feel all dirty now), the head most certainly isn’t as shown by his lax attitude and poor work-rate both at the club and when out on loan. This probably doesn’t need to be right at the top of the post as surely there’s more important news going on… Oh no, never mind. As I said yesterday, Eboue looks set to leave in a £4.5m move to Galatasaray. I think I said that anyway. Or maybe it’s the beer talking again, either way it doesn’t matter.

It’s Arsenal day again, but in the Metro rather than the Sun this time. Yesterday had the rumour about interest in James McCarthy from Wigan. This isn’t the first time we’ve seen this one, I remember seeing it a few seasons ago when we collapsed away to Wigan and McCarthy looked a damn sight more involved than Diaby did. Whether there is real interest or not I don’t know, aside from a bit of scouting I’ve not heard much. The other piece in the Metro is what I was saying about Juan Mata yesterday, the availability roundabout goes on.

Rumoured Arsenal target Jose Enrique did the sensible thing and used twitter to reveal his frustrations with the Newcastle squad spending replacing policy thing. You know what I mean. He got fined £100,000 for expressing his opinion and is even more disgruntled about playing for Newcastle than he was before. I know we’ve kind of pulled out of the left-back race so he’ll probably go to Liverpool if anywhere. Just thought I’d mention it. On a separate note, that money could be going somewhere, like helping with the food crisis in the Horn of Africa but instead it’s going to grease the wheels of Mike Ashley’s pie-making business. What a waste. Of both money and lives.

Ian Wright is taking up acting. That’s nice. Wojcech Szczesny and Lukasz Fabianski have been talking about numerous things, Cesc, Nasri, the No. 1 spot. Here’s a nice summary.

If you haven’t seen them already then there are a few post-Cologne interviews around from Rasmey, Fabianski, Wilshere and Wenger, but that was a while back so I doubt there’s anything interesting in there.

There was also a wee video doing the rounds. I think you’ll enjoy it. Here’s a challenge while you watch. Count the number of scrappy tap-ins in the 226 goals, I need you’ll even need all the fingers on one of your hands.

That’s it for today, I suppose the fact that I started with the JET news is proff that there’s not much happening. Later tweeps. @SavageGooner


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