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NP Column: Denilson-crab goes back to the sea, Xavi and Guardiola excrete from the mouth

by on July 21, 2011

Good day Gooners. A quick post today as haven’t got a lot of time to spare.

So Gervinho has officially been confirmed as an Arsenal player. I know I know, it was announced last week during the tour of Asia that it had been “confirmed”, but this time it’s really official. There’s pictures on the official Arsenal website of him with an Arsenal shirt and everything. Have a look if you haven’t already seen it:

Arsenal have also “confirmed” that Denilson has gone on loan to Sao Paulo for the 2011/2012 season, although like the Gervinho situation, there will probably be one more final confirmation a week later. Shame it’s not permanent, but hopefully he will impress them with his crab-styled football that they may want to put a bid in for him next summer. Although I wouldn’t bet on it.

According to The Sun, Xavi has apologised to Arsene Wenger about his statement last week, regarding that Cesc Fabregas is “suffering”.

“We know that Cesc has this desire to come and I said that he was suffering. But I don’t want to offend either Wenger or Arsenal. The controversy seems absurd to me. I don’t want to get into a war of words with Wenger.”
Read more:

I’ve said it before Xavi, just don’t speak. Whatever comes out of your mouth is disrespectful gibberish. Just for once, take the hint and shut your fucking trap.

Speaking of disrespect, Guardiola has gone to another level and stated that they are now in talks with Cesc. Now there may be some truth in it, however until Arsenal have confirmed this nonsense, I will think of it as another vermin cunt from Barcelona have decided to get that big wooden spoon of theirs, and stir more shit into the saga. Pep please, like Xavi and the rest of the other fucks that is associated with your club, have a day off and jog on.

Twitchy from the shite down the road never fails to make us laugh does he? This time, Droopy has announced he would take Adebayor on loan if Man City are willing to let him go. First of all, Adebayor?!? Ha ha that will make Spud fans happy won’t it? Especially when they created the infamous “Adebayor, his dad washes elephants, and his mum is a whore” football chant. Secondly, on loan?!? Let me guess, you won’t sign him on a permanent because you can’t afford him, due to all of your tax evasion charges?

Last thing before I go, @Tom91Gunner has created a ‘Dream Team Fantasy Football League’, for all Gooners to join ahead of the 2011/2012 season. If you want to join, simply go to , or alternatively if you have a iPhone, download ‘The Sun Dream Team’ application in the app store. The league’s pin is 144484, and the password is: arsenal.
So create a team and join!

That’s it from me until Monday. Keep an eye out for Will’s post soon. Have a good weekend Gooners!

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