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Back where we belong…

by on July 20, 2011

The Asia tour is well and truly over now and the Arsenal squad are back in North London, until they fly off to Cologne that is. I didn’t watch our match with Hangzhou Greentown, I saw the highlights on Arsenalist but there’s not really that much to say other than we lacked a commanding centre-back in the first-half with Mannone having a bit of a flapper and we lacked an RVP/Vela to finish off chances in the second with Walcott looking uncharacteristically shaky in front of goal. Still just pre-season though. For more analysis of the match, check out this piece by Arsenal Report. Some old codger on twitter, I’ve forgotten their name, was talking about how it was only a few years ago when you did well find out the result of a match like this by looking in the ‘papers the next morning, so lets not forget that pre-season is just that. Speaking about the Asia tour, Arsene Wenger has been talking about how it went.

Onto other news then. Not that there’s much of that. Gunnerblog has been leading the way with the Joel Campbell news and it seems like the Costa Rican youngster has stood us up so negotiations are off. I’m not sure we want a player like that anyway. It could well be that Benik Afobe will take his place in the squad over the next few season and his first chance will come this weekend as he is apparently going to travel with the first-team to Cologne. While we talk about the youngsters, Pedro Botelho is set to spend one final season on loan, this time in La Liga, while a young Arsenal side featuring the likes of Bartley, Aneke, Henderson and JET travelled to non-league side Hastings and came back with a 9-0 win. Good times. Speaking of Kyle Bartley, the youngster has been talking about how he’s ready for the first-team this season. I’m not sure whether he’ll see much more than a few cup matches and one or two late cameos if he decides against going out on loan, but I’m a big fan of the youngster personally and weren’t we all saying a year ago about how Jack Wilshere would benefit from a season at Bolton? He didn’t turn  out too badly.

Elsewhere, new signing Gervinho has been talking about his new brand of forehead polish how he’s delighted to be at the club and thinks he’ll fit right in because he added ‘ho’ to the end of his name to make him a better player. It’s still a bit of an unknown as to how the Ivorian will fit in, as a second striker, up front or out wide as seems most likely, but that will probably be sorted during pre-season. Talking of forwards, there’s been yet more talk about a move for Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain-Harper-Smythe Jr. III with the young man welcoming talk of a move to the Premier League, with Arsenal players mentioned quite a bit.  There’s also been talk of interest in a young Brazilian full-back, with Denilson’s move being touted as a possible part of the deal. I’m not sure whether we need another young full-back at the moment, but as they say if you’re good enough you’re old enough I suppose.

That’s probably it for today as I’m ignoring Barcelona. Until whenever peoples. @SavageGooner


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