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NP Column: Clichy’s farewell dig at Arsenal, Wenger’s dig at Mancini

by on July 18, 2011

Good day Gooners. Right, let’s get this ranting stuff out the way.

Gael Clichy, the man who left us after 8 years to join Man City, came out and said he left because he wanted to win trophies.

“After spending eight years with Arsenal it would have been easy to sign a new contract to stay there because they’re a fantastic club that will always be challenging for trophies. But it got to a point for me where I didn’t want to just challenge for the titles only to be disappointed in the final weeks of the season. I wanted to play for a club that would win them.”

I understand your frustration Gael, as of course we all want to see Arsenal pick up some silverware come the end of a season, but unfortunately Mr. Clichy, trophies don’t just get handed out for a laugh. Trophies are a reward for your hard-work and outstanding performances. Basically, you have to earn them, and that may be hard for you to hear, but welcome to the real world mate. The reason you were left disappointed at the end of every year for the past six seasons is simply because you all gave up when it mattered the most. Everybody’s performances, including yourself, did not correspond with your pre-match bullshit like “we believe we can win”, and “we want to do this for the fans”. Your performances didn’t quite match that, but instead you all went out and played with a ‘I have no bottle but fuck it, I will stay take home my undeserving salary for the week’ attitude. You may feel you will wing things at Man City, but the rules still apply. You’ll learn you will also need to pull your finger out of your greedy arse to win honours there. If you don’t, you’ll just be another one of those players, along with the likes of Hleb, that have done fuck all since they left the Arsenal. So please, before you come out and big up your new club, have a think before you speak…moron.

Arsene Wenger is moaning again, this time about Mancini’s comments of his hope to sign Samir Nasri by the end of the month. I’m shocked by the fact Wenger actually saw Mancini’s comments, as we know how bad his sight is.

“These comments are not allowed, it is against the basic rules of football and Roberto Mancini should be informed. I don’t spend my time on what other people say. We are focused on playing our football. What we want is respect. We will not comment on any players at other clubs. It is time football in England came back to these basic rules. This comment is absolutely out of order.”

Bit ridiculous to cry about it, but he’s our manager so I have A-Dawg’s back on this one. So, why don’t you just fuck off Mancini trying to unsettle our already unsettled player. Yeah, that told you mate.

So we drew 1-1 with Hangzhou Greentown on Saturday, with Carlos Vela scoring for Arsenal. Surprisingly, it wasn’t a chip either. Seriously, I’m not lying! I did say after our 4-0 win over Malaysia XI to not get your hopes up. Especially as it wasn’t a surprise to see another Arsenal-esque fuck-up from Greentown’s set-piece who capitalised and took the lead in the first quarter of an hour. Mannone made a complete tit of himself and forgot that he is the goalkeeper and that he is allowed to use his hands. Instead, he decided to do an awful attempt of a star-jump and use his chest to clear the ball. It didn’t work obviously. Please don’t be another Manuel Almunia, as that is the last thing we need.

Arsenal are to sign the highly-rated youngster and Costa Rica international Joel Campbell. Probably won’t see anything of him next year, as it’s been said that he may be sent back to Costa Rica on loan to earn some experience. More of that another time.

Last but not least, an absolute legend retired from the game last week. Patrick Vieira, who’s last contribution to the team was scoring the penalty that beat Manure United in the FA Cup Final in 2005, announced his decision to retire. He’ll now be working in the offices of Manchester City, which is a shame as it would have been nice to offer him a role working with us. Still, he’ll always be an Arsenal man. Patrick Vieira, from here at Savage Gooner, we salute you!

Right, I’m bored now. I’ll be back Thursday. Until then, laters.

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  1. mystic permalink

    Remarkable how players seem to believe they are not partially responsible for failure.

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