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NP Column: First pre-season win, Xavi runs his mouth again

by on July 14, 2011

Good day Gooners! So yesterday was Arsenal’s first match together in their pre-season tour of Asia, and this season in general. Arsenal faced Malaysia “All-stars” XI, and not surprisingly, managed a comfortable 4-0 victory. Obviously we are pleased that we finally get to see some Arsenal football since our infuriating and disappointing end to last season, what with it being a new start and that. However, don’t be getting your hopes high just yet. Despite beating the Malaysia XI 4-0, there is still plenty of work to be done before the beginning of the competitive campaign, hence I used quotation marks on the word ‘All-stars’.

There were four different goal scorers which was good to see. Aaron Ramsey, Theo Walcott, Carlos ‘I love a cheeky chip’ Vela, and Tomas Rosicky. The first goal came within the first five minutes of the match as Jack Wilshere was tripped in the area, and after much friendly-debate with the young lad who won the penalty, Aaron Ramsey stepped up to take the penalty, and coolly slotted the ball past the goalkeeper. Ramsey then turned from scorer to provider for the second with a beautiful long ball (which was Fabregas-esque really) to Theo Walcott who let the ball bounce before lifting the ball over the goalkeeper and into the empty net. Arsenal, looking comfortable (as they bloody well should), finished the first half 2-0. Arsenal came out in the second half picking up where they left off, and Carlos Vela scored Arsenal’s third with ANOTHER trademark chip to add to his collection of Arsenal goals. Now it’s all well and good trying fancy stuff like that in pre-season and Carling Cup matches when you’re three or four nil up, but I hope this hasn’t become such a bad habit that Carlos Vela is developing OCD (Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder, for those who weren’t sure). Although to be fair, we all have it. Every year we keep saying we will win something.

Jokes aside, if Vela gets an opportunity to shine in big matches this coming season, especially where every point is vital, I do not want him attempting some ambitious attempt to lob the goalkeeper in a one-on-one situation, because you know if he does, he’ll fuck it up and be made to look like a complete fool, and Arsenal fans will be within their right to call him every name under the sun. Tomas Rosicky added the fourth in injury time after Arse-shaving’s neat footwork and deflected cross gave him the opportunity to head the ball into an empty net. If you haven’t seen the goals, click the following link:

A convincing performance, but as I said earlier, let’s not get carried away, there is still plenty to be done this summer. Our next game is on Saturday when we face Hangzhou Greentown in China, so keep an eye out for that.

In other news, Xavi has once again lived up to his reputation of being a big-mouthed, shit-stirring virus. Once again he has come out to say his view on Cesc Fabregas, only this time he claims Fabregas has told him on a holiday in Ibiza that he is suffering because we won’t let him go.

“I spoke to Cesc in Ibiza and he said he was suffering because he wanted to come. It’s more like, he did everything he could to come and wants to leave Arsenal – although he made it clear that now everything depends on the selling club.”

Let me stop you there you little gobshite. Let me make your claims looks totally ridiculous. Cesc hasn’t done everything he could possibly do. How do I know that? Well, El Capitan hasn’t exactly come out in public and announced he wants to leave, so your claims are instantly foiled there. Plus, Cesc himself came out and said he was happy at Arsenal, and was ‘calm’ about the rumours linking with him to Barcelona. Well if you’re happy and calm, you’re not really suffering are you? So do me a favour, and head back to Ibiza where you belong, being the STD that you are.

Arsene Wenger isn’t impressed with Xavi claims, and rightly so. The Arsenal manager says that Xavi has been disrespectful, and it isn’t the first time he’s acted this way. Arsene, you’re a wise man. You must realise by now that there is nothing respectful about Barcelona, both the players and the club itself.

Arsene Wenger has also said Samir Nasri will stay, and that the directors of the football club back his decision with risk of losing the player for nothing after this season. This is a massive risk for Arsene Wenger, as it raises the stakes in his supposed ‘make or break’ season. It’s a gamble where Arsene Wenger now has to deliver silverware this season if he has any chance of tempting Nasri to sign a new contract. This is a massive gamble, and one where I wouldn’t want to chance of losing Nasri for diddly squat. I think we should sit Nasri down, and say “Bonjour Samir, ça va? So here’s the deal mate. This is the contract we are offering you. You have two options. Either pick up that pen and sign on the dotted line, and put an end to this long-winding situation. Alternatively, you’ll be sold to the highest bidder, and you can walk out that door and let it hit you on the way out. Do you comprehend?”.

Arsenal play again on Saturday as I said earlier in this post. We travel to China and face Hangzhou Greentown. Hopefully another clean sheet and a few goals in Arsenal’s favour. Once again, if I survive another alcohol-fuelled end to the week, I will be back on Monday. Have a great weekend Gooners!

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  1. Carlo permalink

    A.wenger you are a fool, while your busy bitching about Xavi everybody else is buying, if man utd get sneijder too we are screwed, I wonder if you are a manager or just a buisness man? Even dalglish is buying and he’s only been there a coffe break, it’s just depressing!!! Your busy doing nothing!!! And the boring win in malaysia is nothing, and I know your thinking now that we can win with the team you have now, that’s how disillusioned you are…

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