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NP Column: Farewell Clichy, Welcome Gervinho, Good Riddance Nasri?

by on July 7, 2011

Before we get on with all the current news at Arsenal, I have to start with Gael Clichy. Numerous reports that Clichy was on the verge of signing for Manchester City became true on Monday evening, as our former number 22 signed for the club for an undisclosed fee, believed to be in the region of £7million. Not bad for a player who is in the last year of his contract. Gael Clichy has given us 8 years of dedicated service, but now he seeks a new challenge in his career, so Savage Gooner would like to wish him all the best for the future. He will definitely be given an applause of appreciation from myself when the two clubs meets this season, unlike the Judas prick left-back with a fetish for mobile phones up his arse who left before Gael took his place.

It’s a shame we haven’t signed someone for his replacement before he left the club. But then again I’m not surprised we haven’t. However, and I am sorry to disagree here, Kieran Gibbs should not be his automatic replacement. Don’t get me wrong, he has the potential to better Clichy, but the young lad has more injuries than phones that have been hacked by the disgraceful bastards at News of the World. I’m not too keen on the idea of Thomas Vermaelen at left-back either. I’d personally like to keep him in the heart of defence, and sign someone like Leighton Baines. Still, it’ll be interesting to see what happens.

Now then, Paul Scholes has been running his mouth in the papers this week. The quiet guy who wouldn’t say boo to a goose for over 15 years, has finally found his vocal chords after removing Fergie’s dick from his throat. While he does make good points that our pretty style of football is pointless if we can’t keep up with our title rivals for acquiring trophies, we don’t need him to tell us this. So why don’t you just worry about your own role as Fergie’s new gimp-slave at Manure Utd, and less about what is happening at our club.

According to Sky Sports, Gervinho is at Arsenal for a medical. Could it be that by the time this post goes out for you lot to read, the Ivorian striker is Arsenal’s first major signing of the summer? Well, it’s possible, but if it took Arsenal three weeks to make a bid for Gervinho, God knows how long the medical will take! I’m hoping by the time I get home from work that there are pictures of the striker and his shiny forehead holding an Arsenal shirt outside the Emirates Stadium.

Manchester City have signed Montenegro international Stefan Savic. Why am I mentioning this? Well, because the centre-back actually had a trial with us 12 months ago, which we decided not to take the chance. He could be a complete flop, which would be good to see as it wouldn’t be an opportunity missed. However, I just have a funny feeling that he will either become a top player for Manchester City for years to come, or he will just decide to turn up against Arsenal and haunt us for not taking the risk in signing him. We’ll see, but I remain optimistic he’ll be a shit signing for City.

Chelsea have jumped on the Samir Nasri bandwagon along with Man Utd and Man City, and declared their interest in the Arsenal attacker. Who will be next? Barcelona? Real Madrid? To be honest, I could not give a fuck. Although as I quickly flicked over to Sky Sports News this morning, there are apparently reports that Nasri will tell Arsenal he wants to join Man Utd. I hope this another ridiculous story by the media to stir more shit, because quite frankly if this true, Samir Nasri will quickly be put on my blacklist for hated players should he be allowed to sign for them.

I will be back once again on Monday for more ranting and rambling. Keep an eye out for Will’s post today.

Have a good weekend Gooners!

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  1. EvAN m permalink

    Scholes really is a lickarse prick

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