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The NP Column: Silly media and Arsenal’s mental state

by on July 4, 2011

These current transfer stories really do lack imagination. With Cesc edging closer to Barcelona (…yawn), and both Nasri and Clichy linked to Man City, the media have decided amongst themselves to create a rumour by stating Chelsea are looking to table a bid for Theo Walcott. Seriously? What do you aim to achieve out of his story? Oh media you never fail to make me laugh. Of course I mean laughing at you, not with you.

However, I am now starting to become worried about the club’s mental state ahead of the new season. Our big players are linked with moves away, and yet we are looking to bring in players who, I for one, had never heard of until this transfer window (with the exception of Gary Cahill). With Cesc looking more likely to go to the scum abroad, with both Nasri and Clichy still not extending their contracts, and with the rotational squad players like Denilson and co wanting to leave the club, it looks like Arsenal will have to put a ‘job vacancies’ sign in the stadium window. Saying that, there would actually have to be a team who are crazy enough to take the likes of Denilson and Almunia.

But this transfer window just hasn’t been enjoyable to watch so far, and I am genuinely fearing the worse for the upcoming season. With no disrespect intended, we aren’t going for any real big names. We need to sign a player with a name that will create hysteria amongst fans. A name that will generate excitement, and restore some faith back into the club. A name that will send out a message to our competitors that we mean business. Look at Man Utd for example. We can hate them as much as we want, but they haven’t pissed about in this summer window. They see a player, they want him, they present the cash, and they get their man. They have already signed Ashley Young, and the promising talents in Phil Jones and David De Gea. No doubt they will bring in one or two more players, and more than likely that will be before we sign Gervinho.

I’m also concerned about Wenger’s health. Don’t get me wrong, our manager has, and will always, have my support. You can tell me it’s all in the past, but regardless, he has done so much for this club.

But surely now he must realise, especially this summer, that ‘project youth’ has failed. It hasn’t worked, and the way football is in the world today, it will never work. With all our rivals going out and spending money on top players, signing kids from Barcelona’s academy does not match that level of competition. We can’t fault your optimism and belief in the project Arsene, but now is the time to admit defeat. If you don’t know how to do that, just say you have a broken toe.

Arsenal fans have made it clear that we are extremely frustrated of having our feelings fucked about with, while we look on in envy of other teams strengthening their squads. However it seems Wenger just doesn’t listen. Maybe he needs a hearing check? No wait, even better…a reality check. Ha ha, good one Nick.

Will he eventually learn? I doubt it. However there are just under two months remaining in the transfer window, so we’ll see how this summer eventually pans out.

Samir Nasri has publicly said he is frustrated as it is trophies he wants, not money. Good to hear he doesn’t want this supposed wage increase for a half decent season, but his statement on the trophy part scares me that he is seriously considering leaving Arsenal.

News of the World reports that Craig Gordon is on our radar with a cost around the region of £4million. Personally, I think this would be an absolute steal! He is a decent goalkeeper, and would be excellent competition for Chezzer, but then again it is just purely media speculation, so I won’t get my hopes up.

A couple more things before I go, and unrelated to football. Firstly congratulations to Novak Djokovic for winning Wimbledon yesterday. Djokovic played some brilliant tennis, and winning his first Wimbledon trophy along with being named the new number one today, a big well done from Savage Gooner.

Also, the highly anticipated fight between Haye vs. Klitschko on Saturday flopped miserably like ‘project youth’ has done. Don’t blame it on a broken toe Mr. Haye, you were simply outsmarted by the big Ukrainian. It’s all worth the talk and the bragging before the match, but only if you can back up what you say when performing in the boxing ring. Unfortunately for you, you was made to look silly. It’s just a shame Klitschko didn’t knock you out. That would have been funny.

Right, that’s me done now till Thursday. Have a good few days Gooners.

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  1. Daniel Brian permalink

    I think you lost it. Arsenal have send to signals. A. they are not there for trhopies. If possible fine but if not make sure there is profit.

    B. Arsenal manager and CE do not bother of image.

    By doing so, they are also affecting the income of the stadium. Next year do not even have money to buy £40 mil. Once you damage your reputation, it takes two to build it. One is that aggresive compain to get fan back. B hooping that the likes of chealse and Man’s faile to pick the silver ware.

    This is the hope Arsen is working always. he said before “they breaking the bank but did not achieve any thing better than us”… but he forget the image they build and their image gets them Nasi and Clichy and any new bid for Arsenal rejected by a new player.

  2. Arsene-al permalink

    Phil jones and ashly young are good signings? I wouldnt say theyr bad signings but honestly ask yourself now, if wenger signed them wouldnt every arsenal fan be bit**ing about not signing older proven players? Seriously am i not right in thinking this. I feel arsenal fans have it fixed in their head that wenger can only make mistakes and that they allow themselves to get caught up in the doom and gloom mentality..just look at how common the phrase doom and gloom has become among arsenal fans..thats not good. Fact is wer the most depressing bunch of fans around at the moment and this just makes it easy pickings for the media to pray on. I for one have decided to not read anything about us signing or losing a player unless its written on just for the sake of my own mental health, because its gone beyond obvious now that the media will go to any extent to f*** with next season the top headline will be us selling the emirates

    • I do believe Ashley Young would have been an excellent signing had we got him. And as for Jones, he is constantly improving. He is better than Squillaci for a start, although that isn’t hard. And absolutely, media are a bunch of wankers who like to pick on Arsenal because they are a main target at the moment.
      What is our image exactly? Trying to win things with project youth, no? Sorry guys, but it won’t work. We need to be getting players in that area of sufficient quality to compete.

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