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The NP Column: The Boring Cesc and Barca Story

by on June 30, 2011

Apparently there was over 50 views on my first ever blog post for the ‘Savage Gooner’ on Monday. In all honesty I am pretty impressed, so thanks to those who took the time to read it.

Early post today as I have a busy afternoon ahead. So where to start? As much as I really can’t be bothered to rant about the topic, I may aswell get it over and done with. Can you guess? That’s right, it’s the infamous Cesc and Barca love story. Or as I like to put it, the ‘Barcelona are really starting to fuck me off with their constant harassment over Fabregas’ story. For all those that guessed right, unfortunately there are no prizes. Sorry about that.

The Sun newspaper reported on Tuesday that Barcelona want our captain to rebel and go on strike to force a cut-price move from Arsenal. Although I believe this is just typical media behaviour to add more fuel to the fire, it wouldn’t surprise me in the slightest if Barcelona have actually acted this way. For the last few years now, we have learned that Barcelona, quite simply, are disrespectful pieces of shit. The way they go about their business is beyond disgusting, and I am getting quite fed up that they are allowed to go around and act this way.

If the reported story is true, then who the fuck do you think you are Barcelona? Going around and ordering other club’s players to rebel against their responsibilities so they can join up with you and all the other gobby shites that wear your shirt. I could not give a fucking care in the world if you are the European and Spanish Champions, that does not give you a free pass to unsettle players. Arsenal have told you a few times now that if you want Cesc, you either cough up the money we feel is suitable for the player, or quite frankly take a fucking hike.

As for you Mr. Fabregas, I will not be one to fall for you psychological warfare bullshit. I can clearly see what you are playing at. You want to move back their one day, fair enough we’ve known that for a few years now. But why are you trying to disguise the fact that you want that ‘one day’ to be this summer. Some fans want him to stay, and I can’t fault them for that. He has been brilliant for us over the last 8 years, despite last season not being his best. The man has tremendous talent. But unfortunately, despite his outstanding ability, I do not fall in the category of wanting him to remain at the club. He isn’t 100% committed to this club anymore. His head and heart is sadly not here at Arsenal, but instead it is with the team who is around him like a fly on shit. In my eyes, if you aren’t dedicated to this team, you shouldn’t be here. We want players who want to wear the famous red and white shirt. No player is, or has been, bigger than Arsenal Football Club, and no-one will ever change it, including Fabregas.

Fabregas is reportedly ‘calm and optimistic’ about the current saga. Basically that means he hopes a deal between the two clubs can be agreed soon.

“I have nothing to say and there is nothing to speak of. If something happens, it is because it has to happen.”

Correction mate, there is something to say. Man up and just say you want to go. Don’t pussy-foot around the situation so you avoid upsetting the fans, because in my eyes that comment could well backfire on you.

If he does stay, then we need to strip him off the captaincy. He isn’t worthy of the armband, and even Cesc himself admits it is a burden to his game. He isn’t a leader, and he never has been. It needs to be taken away from him and given to someone who can lead the team, *cough* T. Vermaelen *cough*. Arsenal need to stop acting like a parent who always gives in to demand to their brat of a child, and instead lay down the law to Cesc. We aren’t in any pressure to sell here. I don’t believe in transfer listing him and selling him to the highest bidder, because even if Real Madrid or Man City came knocking on our door with £50million plus, Cesc would never agree terms. It’s Barcelona where he wants to move to, so Arsenal should quite simply sit him down and tell him that unless Barcelona pay us an acceptable figure, unfortunately you aren’t going anywhere. They could even give him his very own photocopy of the contract he put pen to paper to, and let him read it in his spare time, just so he can familiarise himself of what an agreement is.

In other news, Gervinho wants to move to us, and Lille are willing to let him go if the price is right. Hear that Arsenal? Basically it’s now your move to get your backsides into gear and get your target!

The exciting Ricky Alvarez is also desperate to play for Arsenal. As I said in my first post, I haven’t seen anything of him, but with all the hype built up around him, I am now pretty excited about the prospect of him joining the club.

Gary Cahill is understood to be in talks with Arsenal. If this is true…FANTASTIC! We have finally gone out and looked to add to the area we most need strengthening in. I know, all speculation still, but fingers crossed and all that.

That’s enough from me today. I’ll be back Monday for another post on any developments over the weekend.

Have a good one Gooners!

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