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The NP Column: Introductions

by on June 27, 2011

Good day fellow Gooners. So as you may have read on Friday’s post, Savage has to recruit a co-writer for the blog, and if you didn’t read that, where the hell where you on Friday? So allow me to introduce myself to you. My name is Nick, 22 years of age, and like many of you, Arsenal mad! I’ve been Arsenal ever since I can remember, and I am a current season ticket holder (renewed for a fifth season) in the North Bank, 6 rows from the goal. If you want to know more about me, don’t hesitate to follow me on Twitter: Nick_Palmer1988.

I met Savage on the wonderful world of Twitter, where he commented on one of my tweets about starting up a blog for the upcoming season. From there, Savage asked if I would like to help him co-blog twice a week, and I agreed. For me, it is a good opportunity to get the taste of blogging, aswell as helping out another Gooner! Also, I can finally sing praises and rant about failing efforts which aren’t limited to 140 characters on Twitter…and we all know how much us Gooners love to rant! For Savage, well I’m not so sure why. Whether it’s genuinely because he wants assistance, or because he shares my views but doesn’t want to be frowned upon if people disagree, that’s something you’ll have to ask him. Either way, a big thanks to Savage for giving me time to post on his blog. What a top guy!
I will be setting up my own blog too, but it is still within creation (basically when I learn how to use wordpress), so I will keep you guys updated when it is up and running. However, I work for Savage currently in return for two days a week to entertain/bore you with my thoughts/opinions of our beloved club here at ‘Savage Gooner’! Exciting times!

Right, onto the AFC. Where to start? Well I guess I will talk about transfer rumours today. So, we’ve been linked with many names again…shock. The major one who we are almost certain to announce to sign is the man from Lille with a haircut from an alcohol-influenced night, Gervinho. However, we are yet to have any official confirmation of a deal being agreed, a medical passed, or anything else that goes along with the link…again…shock!  Feel the sarcasm there? Don’t be surprised if we announce it five minutes after the 00:00 deadline on 01/09/11. It slightly reminds me a little bit of the whole Chamakh signing last year. Being linked continuously without any idea what was actually going, except this time it will cost us in the region of £10.6million. Now I am delighted we are spending some wonga, but to be honest I had never heard of the guy until this summer, and the majority of you are probably the same.
I’ve heard good things about him though. He’s quick, strong, creative, and can score a goal. Sounds like he can be a difference. However, I have also heard that he can be frustrating at times. Superb, he’ll fit in at Arsenal, as we seem to attract a lot of those types. But in all seriousness, is he what we need? Or should we just use that money towards a certain want-away Eto’o. Eto’o would make a real bold statement of our intentions next year, and just like Gervinho he’ll be away at ACoN, so why not take the chance? Still, I am never one to turn my nose up on Wenger’s judgements, so when we eventually see Gervinho in our shirt, he’ll get my support from the first kick of the season.

We’ve also been linked with Christopher Samba, although BRFC have decided they want to keep him. Of course you do, he’s one of your very few decent players, especially after Jones moved to Manure. However, you’re Blackburn, and we’re Arsenal. The man clearly does not want to play in a relegation battle season after season, so let him move and do a job for us.
Saying that, sounds all to familiar with the Cesc and Barca situation doesn’t it? I don’t like hypocrites, but I am allowed to have a free pass on this one, especially as I hate Barcelona more. I mean, are they fucking serious?! £27million for a World Cup winner, and yet they are willing to pay over £35million for Udinese’s Sanchez?! I got to hand it to you Barca, you are a bunch of scum but at least you have a fucking great sense of humour. Here’s a tip: Start saving your pocket money and come back next summer when you really have some sense kicked into your thick skulls.

Palermo have said that R.Alvarez is a Gunner. Again, seen nothing of him, but A LOT of Gooners have said promising things that makes him sound like a great asset to our club, so fingers crossed!

Gael Clichy is heavily linked away from the club, with the likely destination Roma. I’ll be sad to see him go, but now is time for change in that position, as unfortunately our number 22 makes a few too much errors for my liking. However, he’s been a dedicated servant to this club, and I will always respect him for that.

Who else? Oh yeah, Joey Barton and Jermaine Defoe. Seriously media, have a day off. The two most ridiculous rumours. We won’t be signing them, which is good because I don’t like either of them. So do yourselves a favour media and how about writing stories that are worth having a think about.

Who would I like to see us sign this summer? Well I don’t have names as such, but definitely two CB’s, a DM, and a winger/striker. Get those in and I am confident we can compete and finally claim a trophy other than the prestigious Emirates Cup!

Hope you’ve enjoyed reading my first ever blog post! Please feel free to leave positive/negative feedback, and I shall be posting again on Thursday/Friday, depending when my leader Savage Gooner prefers me to post!

P.S. Don’t forget to follow me on Twitter: Nick_Palmer1988.


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